Disease Proof

Adjusting To A Healthy Diet

Adapted from Dr. Fuhrman's book Cholesterol Protection For Life:

"I don’t feel well when I eat this way."

Don’t forget that when you change your diet to one that is so much lower in salt and higher in nutrients your blood pressure will drop significantly and you will begin a detoxification process that can be compared to stopping additive drugs. You may actually feel worse, not better for a week or two.

During this temporary adjustment period that usually lasts less than a week, and rarely more than two weeks, you might feel fatigue, headaches, gassy, or other mild symptoms as your body withdraws from your prior toxic eating habits. For example, stopping dangerous but stimulating foods, including caffeine, causes temporary fatigue and headaches.

So feeling increased fatigue for a week or so is to be expected. You should be aware that if you are on medication for high blood pressure or diabetes you may require a gradual reduction in medications to prevent the dangers of overmedication, which could include your blood pressure getting too low or your blood sugar becoming too low.

If you are on medication, for these conditions please have your blood pressure and glucose levels monitored more closely in the beginning, especially in the first few weeks, and your medications adjusted accordingly.
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Kathleen - August 26, 2006 7:49 AM

How can I avoid feeling heaviness after eating salads with beans followed by fruit? What is your opinion on food combining?

Rebekah Janzen - August 27, 2006 9:40 PM

Dear Dr. Fuhrman,
What do you usually recommend to your patients that have had their gallbladder removed? I had mine removed a year ago (because of 30 years of abusing food) Since then Ive lost 65 lbs eating a low fat diet. I am wondering about taking flax seed--After reading your book 'Eat to Live' I realize I'm probably not getting much omega 3 fatty acid, but I'm wondering if the oil in it could lead to problems with my biliary tract or something. I bought some ground flax seed last week, and it doesn't seem to be causing problems. Is it ok to cook flax seed (ie, in oatmeal or bread) or does this alter the fatty acid.

I love your book! It is literally a life saver. My brother loaned it to me a couple of weeks ago, just at the right time... I had started eating poorly again, (ie. cheese, icecream, meats, and anything else bad for the body) and was starting to get pain in my right side raidiating to my right shoulder (I thought I had caused permanent liver damage or something)--and when the pain got real bad I promised myself I would not do this to myself anymore. I have always abused food like a drug; eventhough I knew it was hurting my body, I 'had to have it.' Anyway, your book was just what I needed. I know I'll be able to loose the last 30 lbs and have a healthy body (inside and out).

My husband and I want to get pregnant in the next few months. Is there a prenatal vitamin supplement without Vitamin A? Is it dangerous to eat too many carrots when you're pregnant?

Do you know if there are any doctors that share your views in the Salt Lake Valley? I'm tired of doctors that treat everything but the underlying cause of disease, i.e. They just try to "fix"everything with medication or surgery. I asked the doctor who removed my gallbladder if I should restrict fats now that I had no bile reserve, and he said there was no reason to change my diet (this was when I weighed 220 lbs.) I haven't been through medical school and even I knew that couldn't be true.

Thanks for your enlightenment!


Kirsten - August 28, 2006 9:53 AM

I can't address most of your questions, but wanted to invite you to check out the Eat to Live Yahoo group. It's very active and supportive. You can find it at: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Eat-2-Live/. Also, Dr. Fuhrman has a group you can join so you can get answers to your questions directly from him. I recommend joining both groups!
About cooking flax seed, my understanding is that it damages the fatty acids and is no longer a source of Omega 3s for you. I put it on cooked stuff like oatmeal just before serving (my kids even ask for it on their food!).
Good luck to you!
-Kirsten :)

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