Disease Proof

Green-News: Wednesday 5.20.09

  • Despite the confederacy of deniers, a new study in The Lancet suggests climate change poses the greatest challenge to health, claiming warmer temps worsen disease patterns—like malaria and dengue fever—compromise water and sanitation, and cause extreme weather. Experts say the problem has been neglected and now needs immediate attention; Med Page Today reports.
  • The infamous Kyoto treaty has been largely viewed as soft on greenhouse gas emissions, with countries like the United States and China resistant to making major changes to reduce their carbon output, but now, acknowledging the shift to a low-carbon global economy, China is working to develop a better climate deal; The U.K. Guardian reports.

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Jordan - May 20, 2009 8:23 AM

Why are we so focused on "human" emissions?

I just saw the head of the EPA on the Daily Show and she even commented, "We aren't going to focus on animal emissions." or something to that effect. The REAL global climate change problem is being created by deforestation for livestock farming. Add on top of that the emissions created by cows and the damage from the toxic run off into our water supplies.. Why are we avoiding the elephant in the room with such intensity?

Is this just the nature of humans to 'rather not know' or just 'deal with it later'? Are people so into their meat culture that they cannot even approach the subject??

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