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Green-News: Tuesday 9.9.08

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Jeremy Straight - September 9, 2008 12:59 PM

Everyone harps on how wasteful bottled water is. Well, I don’t see any reason why soda and energy drinks are such a better use of plastic bottles than water.

If I had to deliver emergency supplies, I would deliver bottled water; I wouldn’t care how far it was shipped from. If you ever go on vacation to a place where the tap water is questionable, you understand how important a sealed bottle of water can be.

I understand the environmental argument against bottled water but let’s see a comparison to unnecessary consumption of soft drinks. The demand and production of soft drinks are the wasteful problem; you can’t make an rational argument that people need these products like you can for a bottle of water.

It’s kind of a problem with environmentalism in general. These single issues are treated with such importance — “Bottled water is bad!” But when you look at the bigger picture, it’s not so clear-cut. “Why do we not address our questionable use of plastic bottles overall?”

It’s like when Gore had his presentation on climate change, but never mentioned industrial animal agriculture.

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