Green-News: Tuesday 7.08.08

Remember that horrible heat wave in Europe in 2003 that killed thousands of people? Well, according to a new study by Andreas Sterl at the Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute, and as reported by the AP, in a few decades, "People will look back at those heat waves and laugh, we will find (those temperatures) lovely and cool."

According to Sterl's models, by the end of the century, high temperatures for once-in-a generation heat waves will rise twice as fast as average temperatures. Chicago extremes will go to 115, Paris to 109, Los Angeles to 117 and Atlanta to 100 degrees.
On its final voyage, the 25-year-old, 370-foot Russian trawler Komandarm Shcherbakov collected 3,000 tons of blue whiting fish from Denmark's Faroe Islands and ferried the catch to Nigeria. Three months later, the rust-riddled vessel sailed into this port - to die.

In May, the vessel gunned its engines for the last time and slid up the beach alongside the skeletal remains of numerous other ships at India's biggest ship-recycling yard in the western coastal state of Gujarat.

Like many vessels of its era, the Shcherbakov has asbestos insulation in its engine rooms and elsewhere, according to the ship's chief mate, Andrey Potapov.

"They didn't know it was bad back then," he said.

The Komandarm Shcherbakov is just the latest character in an ongoing drama of foreign waste dumped on Third World shores, critics say. Environmental groups say there are 90 ships on Alang's beaches, none of which has been precleaned of asbestos, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) or other hazardous material. PCBs were once used as fire retardants in paints, gaskets, cables and flooring.
Sheryl seems to always be thinking about the environment, so it’s not surprising that the talented planet-saver’s fashion line will rock an eco-twist. Never one to waste, Crow is even known around her hometown to donate bags and bags of unworn clothing to her local secondhand shop every six months.

No word yet on when the line will be produced, but a friend told Star magazine. “She’s heading to Australia in October to meet with her partners and start production.” We DO know that it will be a denim-based collection and will be named Bootheel Trading Co. By Sheryl Crow. I don’t know about you, but I could totally use some eco-friendly jeans!
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Damien Tougas - July 8, 2008 9:01 AM

If you are looking for great eco-friendly clothes, checkout Patagonia. They have been doing it longer than anyone else... and yes, they have jeans!

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