Green-News: Friday 11.7.08

  • That’s an axolotl. It’s a salamander! Part of Aztec legend and diet, water monsters are now in danger. Invasive species, like African tilapia, and Mexico’s polluted canals THREATEN their survival; the Associated Press reports.
  • Norwegian lemmings are also at risk. As temperatures heat up, snow is not stable enough to provide them adequate shelter during the winter. Less lemmings mean predators, like foxes and owls, are in trouble too; BBC explains.
  • Lots of amphibians are turning up deformed, with extra limbs and the inability to reproduce. Scientists are worried. Animals like frogs and salamanders are indicator species for the health of the environment; via LiveScience.
  • Japanese scientists have cloned a mouse. Here’s the kicker. They used a cell that had been DEAD for 16 years! And mice are only the beginning. Scientists are eyeing a bigger prize, resurrecting the mammoth; the AFP reports.
  • Good idea! Especially since methane gas emissions are making a comeback, researchers reveal methane gas levels SHOT up in 2007, this after a steady period, about a decade, where atmospheric gases held stable; via ENN.


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Sara - November 8, 2008 10:36 PM

What makes the steam in the steam car? In the old steam engines it used to be coal, Hardly ecological.

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