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Which Muscle is...Your WEAKEST LINK!

Here’s neat post from Diet Blog. Sure, we train our arms, abs, legs, and chest—that’s the obvious stuff—but what about the not-so-obvious? Like your serratus anterior. Mike Howard offers some seldom seem exercise tips. Check it out:

Serratus Anterior
A couple of inches below our armpits lay a bumpy or “serrated” muscle that helps keep the shoulder blades (scapulae) stable and flush against the ribs where it’s supposed to be. A possible sign of a weak serratus anterior is a “winged” shoulder blade (a poking out).

Exercise: Scapular Push-up
Find an elevated surface such as a bench or a chair. Place hands slightly more than shoulder width apart.

Keeping body in line (relatively straight from back of the head to the heels) let your shoulder blades collapse inward and than push them out – WITHOUT moving your elbows.

Repeat 12-20 times.
I’ve got to give these a try. This article reminds me of yesterday’s post: Dudes, Get a Rockin' Butt!
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