Walking, Ab-Machines, and Gyms

Maybe we don’t need all the fancy workout machines because new research has determined that simply walking an hour a week can cut colon cancer risk. Reuters reports:
While just an hour of walking a week seemed to protect against the disease, the more strenuously women exercised, the lower their risk, Dr. Kathleen Y. Wolin of Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis and colleagues found.

"Our findings suggest that participation in lower intensity activities may be sufficient to reduce risk though more vigorous activity provides comparable or perhaps additional risk reduction," they write in the International Journal of Cancer.

Research showing that exercise reduces colon cancer risk has been "consistent and convincing," Wolin and her team say, but questions remain about the intensity of exercise necessary to reduce risk.
An hour a week seems pretty skimpy to me, but don’t go turning to a over-hyped infomercial ab-machine. Diet Blog thinks they’re bupkis. Take a look:
Not true. Here's a reality check.

What the ab machine will NOT do:
  • Give you a fake tan.
  • Reduce your body fat percentage to single digits.
  • Make you look pretty.
  • Give you white teeth.
  • Build massive biceps and pecs.
  • Build muscular thighs and calves.
  • Build shredded deltoids.
  • Increase overall strength.
  • Give you a slender waist.
  • Give you large perky breasts.
To gain the above things, you will need a combination of; months to years of diligent cardiovascular and strength training, a powerful commitment to maintain a fairly strict diet (often with different goal phases of 'bulking' and fat loss), and possibly some cosmetic surgery and other cosmetic work.
Now, if you’re a gym-rat like me. You’ll never give up the gym for an hour of walking or the latest ab-blaster. So for us, Poked & Prodded shares tips for finding the right fitness club. Check it out:
If you are looking to join a new club, keep these smart-shopping tips from CR in mind.
  • Get a free trial. You’ll likely have to listen to a sales pitch, then can work out for one day, or even one week.
  • Ask about membership choices. Seniors or students can usually get special rates; many chains have levels of membership based on club access or amenities.
  • Ask about payment options. You might pay more for a month-to-month plan, but it offers more freedom than a full-year contract.
  • Don’t get pressured by a ‘special.’ Clubs run promotions all the time; about half the clubs had specials on the day Consumer Reports’ survey respondents visited.
  • Try bargaining. Haggling down enrollment fees and even monthly dues worked for some of the Consumer Reports shoppers at big chains.
If you can swing it, joining a gym is well worth the cost. Think of it this way, you’re investing in your health.
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Judy - May 29, 2008 6:39 PM

I have found a great way to walk for hours every day with no excuses. I do it at work with a treadmill desk. I have lost a lot of weight and feel better than I have in decades. You can build your own like I did but it does have some ergonomic issues if you type a lot. I found an answer called TrekDesk. They have a lot of information on the benefits of using a treadmill desk.

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