Make Room for a Gym

Before I joined a gym, I spent HOURS exercising in my parent’s basement. In fact, as a kid I bought a weight bench, weights, punching bag, rowing machine, pull bar and my parents bought a treadmill. Having your own mini-fitness center is SUPER convenient.

And recently, Jacki Donaldson of That’sFit cleaned out her garage and setup her own little gym. Here’s a bit:

We finally cleaned out our garage the other day and dug out from piles of debris a bunch of workout equipment. My husband bought it all not long ago, we used it for a bit, and then it somehow got buried. Boxes sat on the weight bench. Swimming towels hung from the pull-up bar. And the weights, well, they were painted with a layer of dust. No more is this the case, though. Nope, our garage looks more like a gym now than it does a storage unit and all four of us Donaldson folks are pretty inspired by the fitness potential lurking just outside our kitchen door.

Strength training has always been my weakness when it comes to exercise. I love to run, walk, and swim but I typically lack motivation for building muscle. Our new home gym is helping. Today, I ran a 3.5-mile loop around town and topped things off with a mini-garage workout. Did the same yesterday after my swim. Plan to keep on doing it. My husband, somehow lean and fit without much purposeful exercise, was out in the garage last night. I caught him doing loads of pull-ups -- how does he do them so effortlessly? -- and after his full routine, he was drenched in sweat. The most promising effect of our garage renovation, though, is how it's got our kids pumped up about pumping up. Five-year-old Danny tells us he wants to be a wrestler when he grows up. "That's why I'm working out," he says. And Joey, seven years old and a master at a perfect push-up, is working pretty hard too. His dad spots him on pull-ups, and I saw him cranking out some bench press reps last night too.

I think having some fitness equipment at home is a GREAT idea. If you’re committed to staying fit, it’s a perfect way to beat the guilt when you don’t feeling like going to the gym—know what I mean?

Also, Reuters reports that exercise can cut cancer-risk. Another reason to get moving!

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Steve - September 8, 2008 9:37 AM

Hi Gerry
Gotta agree. Home fitness stuff is a great idea. Beware though, the stores that sell fit stuff are obviously geared towards selling you a 5000 dollar elliptical trainer, when that coin could buy a huge amount of more modest gear. Pushups are free, those chinup bars that go over a door are under a hundred bucks, a baseball bat (or sword;-) works well as a "wrist twister" and so on.

PAAT - September 9, 2008 9:34 AM


Michael - September 9, 2008 2:01 PM

I had no idea "Play it Again Sports" was second hand! I'm going to have to check one out. There's one within 20 miles of me.

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