Let's Yoga--Wii!

DSFanBoy has reviewed Wii’s new interactive game, Let’s Yoga. Take a look:
Setting up Let's Yoga is simple. You can choose between a few models who will work through the poses with you, and select their outfits from mix-and-match pieces. There are even unlockable items, though why such a title needs unlockables is beyond me. Unlike most games, simply succeeding here seems a reward unto itself! Once you've informed the game of your name and gender, and chosen your model, you're ready to get started with the basic course: the Master's Lesson. There's also the option to go through a basic guide to yoga, which explains some of the principles of the practice, and includes a few tips for success. It's highly recommended you take the time to navigate these few screens. We'll save looking at the other modes for a later day.

Of course, before you get into the actual yoga, you need a workout space. I started out in my office, but quickly realized that between the cluttered wraparound desk and the playpen, the tiny leftover floor space wouldn't be enough. I recommend an area large enough for you to lie flat on your back with arms and legs extended in all directions. Test this by moving your arms and legs around as though creating a snow angel (protip: do this when no one is around, or they might just wonder if you've lost your damn mind). You also need both a low and high place to keep your DS, in case you need to move it closer while working through various poses. I recommend a mid-sized shelf or a chair with arms for higher poses, so that you have somewhere to put your handheld so that you can see both screens. For lower poses, of course, you can put it on the floor. Once you're set up, you're ready to begin the first lesson.
(via That’sFit)
This scares me. I sweat a lot when I do yoga and standing on an electric pad worries man. This Yoga is more my speed:

Although, the heights in that video make me nervous too—EEP!
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Sara - May 15, 2008 11:28 PM

Hey Gerry- That is an incredible yoga video. I cetainly can't do that stuff- can you? The scenery is great but I wouln't want to be on those heights.

Gerry Pugliese - May 15, 2008 11:54 PM

Hey Sara-

I can do some of the stuff. The problem with me and yoga is I am a big guy, but short and compact, so somethings are impossible. I just don't fit.


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