Keep Your Fitness on Track, Log Your Progress...

As a kid, I logged all my exercising, religiously! Every rep, mile, pushup, pull-up and minute spent hitting a punching bag was accounted for. Nowadays I don’t write it down, but I keep a sharp mental tally.

And the American Academy of Family Physicians recommends keeping an exercise journal. Here are some suggestions to keep your fitness on track:

  • Write down every physical activity that you do each day, including what you do and how long you spend doing it.
  • Don't just log going for a run or lifting weights. Everyday chores that burn calories count, too. Track activities such as cleaning and vacuuming, or even walking the dog.
  • Keep the journal with you, so you can write things down before you forget.
  • Commit to entering information in the journal every day.

You know this already, but it pays to exercise. Recent research shows exercise curbs appetite and reduces anger and aggressiveness in obese children. Heck, even our president-elect is a fitness junky.

Actually, last year I blogged about my diet and exercise routine for a week.

Via HealthDay New.

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Steve - January 5, 2009 9:01 AM

Hi Gerry
I log my bicycle miles about a week or so at a time. Good if the battery goes in my bike computer, but it is quite interesting to look back a couple of years or so and see what you did. Last year I biked more than I ever did, and the journal was quite helpful in planning.

I also like to track the 'high water mark' when I lift weights rather than every last rep. This is enough info to compare even years later. I like to track the number of reps in how long at what weight, plus rest in between if I do more than one set. I use a little bit more of a shorthand than this, but you get the idea.

Dumbbell Squat: 2 X 60 pounds, 4 reps in 40 sec, rest 20 sec, 5 in 40 sec, rest 20 sec, 2 in 20 sec, failure - Heart rate 164.

Cheers, Steve

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