Health-Points: Friday 2.20.09

  • At 66 years old rock and roll immortal, Sir Paul McCartney, isn’t slowing down. In fact, the newly named Fireman does Yoga six times a day. He does eye Yoga, something he picked up during a recent trip to India. It involves various eye movements to keep the eye muscles strong; from Healthy Hollywood.

Image credit: The Herald Sun

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Healthy Hollywood - February 20, 2009 2:14 PM

Thanks so much for sharing the Paul McCartney yoga story! I really appreciate the link! Wonderful blog and so informative!

HappyCat - February 22, 2009 9:23 AM

"The evidence does not support the general proposition that thimerosal-containing vaccines can damage infants' immune systems,"

I am allergic to thimerosal, so I can't have the flu shot, or tetanus shots, etc... I'm also allergic to sulfites so I drive doctors nuts by making them produce the product insert for anything they want to inject me with. Local anesthetics used by dentists often have sulfites as a preservative, but you can get them without. Cortisone shots are the other one I watch out for, fortunately I haven't needed one in a couple of years.

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