Health and Pumping Iron...

Do you lift weights? I do, four days a week: Monday, chest; Tuesday, legs; Wednesday, shoulders; Thursday, arms; and abs, everyday! Now, Dr. Fuhrman recommends resistance-training, especially if you’re a woman looking to avoid osteoporosis.

And HealthandMen offer up four reasons why pumping iron is a GOOD idea. Take a look:

  • Stroke prevention: weightlifting actually decreases your blood presure, therefore reducing the risk of stroke.
  • Anti-Depressant: It’s always been said that weightlifting and cardio can be great for reducing stress, but it’s not only stress that it can benefit. It’s been shown to also make people generally have a better mood about them.
  • Increase Your “T” Levels: Testosterone plays an important role in protein synthesis and sexual drive as well as mood an activity. Weight lifting signals your body to produce more.
  • Cuts Diabetes Risk: Weight lifting decreases blood glucose levels along with improving insulin sensitivity.

Okay, before you run out and hit the weights. You might want to check out this list of debunked muscle-myths via Men’s Health.

And a few months ago. The New York Times asked, Does Weight Lifting Make a Better Athlete?

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