Exercise: Lead, Your Kids will Follow

“No rules only for children,” Dr. Fuhrman points out in Disease-Proof Your Child, “If the parents are not willing to follow the rules set for the house, they should not be imposed on the children.” This not only applies to diet, That’s Fit shows it applies to exercise too. Take a look:
Too lazy to roll up that purple yoga mat, my kids were greeted with a bright, squishy rectangle this morning. They also spotted the battered yoga tape lying next to the TV. The clutter elicited a positive response -- my three-year-old daughter put in the tape and immediately began gentle spinal twists, sun salutations and a Namaste gesture. She used to be my yoga buddy. She'd missed it, too.

I saw the proof this morning. Modeling fitness to your kids is a promotional strategy. So leave the 3 pound barbells and yoga mat lying around. Invite your kids to occasionally workout with you. Until puberty, they pretty much want to be with you most of the time.
Kudos to That’s Fit, but who would have thought…kids imitate their parents? No! You don’t say. Now, obviously I’m geeked about Yoga mention and I’m doubly-geeked about this link. Check out ABC-of-Yoga for animated step-by-step Yoga instruction. It’s really cool. Look:

Yoga rules! As you’ll soon see—hint-hint, wink-wink—Yoga really helped me…to be continued.
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Jayson - December 4, 2007 4:05 PM

My kids love it when I exercise. My daughter can do quite a few crunches ! They both have their own little weights and everything. Even though they dont do the whole exercise routine they both have fun counting and watching pops work out !

Its a great way to spend time together as a family !

Jayson - December 4, 2007 4:44 PM

lol....point taken...I will concentrate my boy on the stretching then !

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