Exercise Great After a Heart Attack, Period.

Whether you like weights or cardio, all exercise helps after a heart attack. Published in the journal Circulation, researchers enrolled 209 heart attack survivors in a four-week exercise routine including either a 10-minute warm-up followed by 40 minutes of cycling or 10 exercises with weights and rubber bands. At the end of the study the endothelial function of both groups, i.e. the amount blood vessels widen to increase blood flow, more than doubled, jumping from 4% to 10%; HealthDay News investigates.

And many health experts believe more exercise, coupled with better diet, would cut world cancer in half and other studies have linked aerobic fitness with appetite suppression and bone strength. For fun, mix up your workout! Maybe try Yoga it’s been associated with diabetes control, or Tai Chi which fights arthritis.

But don’t kill yourself! A recent report linked mental tiredness with quicker physical exhaustion. I blog a lot and I exercise a lot and if I don’t relax, I really feel it at the gym.

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Steve - March 18, 2009 1:27 PM

Hi Gerry

I am always mystified a bit by different medical professionals constantly "discovering" the benefits of strength training.

Strength training should be effective here. Full body exercises like squats and deadlifts can really make you gasp for breath.

In fact, something I like to do is squat for 40 seconds, followed by a 20 second rest, then 2 or 3 more sets. Just enough rest to let you continue, barely! This is kinda in between strength and high end cardio.

Cheers, Steve

PS Gerry, hope the weather has broken down there in Jersey, I was out for my first bike ride of the year yesterday.

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