Dudes, Get a Rockin' Butt!

Wow, I feel uncomfortable with that title—moving on. “The average guy tends to train what he sees—which explains why so many workouts are chest-heavy and arm-emphasizing,” explains Martica Heaner, MA, MEd, on MSN Health & Fitness. Here’s more:
Many men are happy to pummel their biceps into oblivion with an exhausting regimen of an endless variety of curls. The butt? Not so much.

Glutes are not just for looking great in your blue jeans, they are key muscles that affect the stability and strength of your spine and knees. So to perform well in any sport that involves powerful sprints and jumps, and to ensure optimum body alignment during many upper and lower body exercises, well-trained glutes are a must…

HOW TO DO IT: Choose a weight that is heavy enough to challenge your target muscles, but not so heavy that your joints feel strained. Start with dumbbells that are at least five to 15 pounds and gradually work up to heavier weights, depending on the exercise.
Yeah, you do see a lot of dudes bench-pressing and doing curls, but, you hardly ever see some guy toning his core, legs, or in this case, butt. As for me, I work my whole body and maybe that’s why I do yoga, to obtain the elusive “yoga butt.” From Urban Dictionary:
The ultimate external sign of a strong and powerful body. Only after years of practice can a man or woman achieve a yoga butt. It is perfectly proportioned, very tight, high, and sculpted. A yoga butt means you also have yoga arms, yoga abs, yoga legs, etc. It is very sexy and it immediately turns eyes and makes people jealous or inspired.
Hey, fellas, this might be a good goal to work towards. Consider this, one of my best friends is a girl—a hot chick by the way—and here’s what she had to say about a guy having a nice butts. Take a note:
I think all women can appreciate a finely curved, well muscled posterior on a man. Sure, big biceps make us swoon, and who doesn't love some six pack abs? But, there is just something extra sexy about a man who looks as good going as he did coming!
Trust me, you’ll find yourself in front of a mirror today, trying to flatter your own gluteus maximus.
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Magnus - February 6, 2008 3:58 AM

Train your glutes you must or in old age the posture you will lose.
-Master Yoda

I think from now on you will be known as Gerald "Yoga Butt" Pugliese.

Gerry Pugliese - February 6, 2008 8:39 AM

Hey Magnus-

That's some nick name you gave me, sounds like I work in the "adult" industry. LOL!


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