Dudes, Do You Yoga?

I’m a guy. I watch football. I curse. I spit. And I’ll say it, I’m downright manly. But I also do Yoga. And I’m cool with it! But apparently a lot of men aren’t. Some say it’s too girly. Others claim they’re not flexible enough. Phooey!

Okay guys, I’m a proud yogi. Are you? Stand up and be counted. Om shanti damn it!

Via That’sFit.

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Steve - November 20, 2008 2:17 PM

Hi Gerry
What is yoga? There are so many forms of it. Stuff like the lotus position just looks plain stupid, what is the point of overstretching your knee ligaments like that, that morning salutation also looks a bit iffy. Other movements look much more reasonable though. I prefer something less "marketed" than yoga/pilates ("bikram" yoga in very hot rooms is the current ultra hip version), such as "active-isolated stretching" (see the book written by the Whartons on this subject). I certainly do agree though that the body needs something other than weights and running and bicycling, which are my main exercises.
Cheers, Steve

Sara - November 20, 2008 11:41 PM

Steve- Don't knock it before you try it. There were three men out of eight people in my yoga class tonight and the teacher was NOT having anyone overstretch anything. BTW Bikram yoga is not recommended. Partly because of overstretching.I also see blood pressure problems with hot yoga. But Gerry is not avocating hot or Bikram yoga I think.

Steve - November 21, 2008 9:21 AM

Hi Sara
If you are doing moves that make sense (ie are not risky), then no problem. The label does not matter, the point is to avoid doing stupid stuff.

As a young lad (late 60's), my gym teacher had us do the 'hurdler stretch' which strains the knee that is not even involved in the exercise. Really dumb. When I tried out for the high school wrestling team in the early 70's they would make us run around in heavy sweat clothes and tell us not to drink water (to make us lose weight). More stupidity. You often see weightlifters using bad form, in order to lift more weight (they are trying to DEMONSTRATE strength, rather than build it). Dumb and dumber. High impact aerobics, pliometrics, yoga lotus or plow positions... there is an endless list of crap that is supposed to increase fitness, that is ineffective or downright injurious. Look at the stuff for sale at the fitness nutrition stores (protein powders and other potions). Beware of the fitness industry!

My point is to see the movements for what they are, and forget the labels.
Cheers, Steve

Sara - November 22, 2008 10:51 PM

nyway I rarely see anyone in full lotus in a yoga class these. A few of us sit in half lotus and most sit regular cross legged.

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