Can You Do 100 Push Ups?

I can’t. I got to 35 and crapped out. Okay, 100 may sound like a lofty goal, but One Hundred Push Ups, a six week training program, is designed to get you there.

Getting started is easy! The initial test determines how you rank. I ranked 4 in the < 40 age group. After that you’re ready for week 1. Each week requires 3 days of training at multiple intensity levels. They suggest Monday, Wednesday, and Friday—resting on Tuesday and Thursday.

At the end of the 6 week training, you’re ready! Now, before you go for the 100. They recommend taking a break for a couple days to conserve your energy. Then eating well and staying hydrated the day of the test.

During the final test stay focused and don’t hold your breath. The program suggests breaking the 100 into groups of 10. They claim smaller chunks will make the goal more achievable. Although 100 push ups will probably still feel like 100 push ups.

And if you complete the 100, they’ve got a nifty little badge you can stick on your blog or website. Hey, if you ask me. Doing 100 pushups is something worth boasting about!
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Steve - July 29, 2008 3:17 PM

A couple of thoughts.
1) This exercise is sensitive to arm length. If you have longer arms you will have a harder time (watch the weightlifters at the upcoming olympics, notice how short their arms are).

2)Many people have shoulders hunched forward from working computers, sitting in easy chairs etc. Be sure to stretch the chest muscles, and to do strength training in the other direction ie rows shrugs and chinups.


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