Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway; part 3 - the activities

This is the last post in a series describing Dr. Fuhrman’s 2010 Health Getaway that took place in beautiful southern California this summer. Although the meals were phenomenal and the presentations life-changing, I had no idea how much FUN a group could have together over the course of a week! Thanks to Dr. Fuhrman's warm and enthusiastic staff, and the many wonderful guests who attended, every activity was a delight; ending with the infamous Fuhrman Idol Talent Show on the final night.

exercise class, hiking, and yoga session

After the welcome reception and dinner on Sunday evening, emcee Sarah Taylor hosted a “get to know you” mixer. In a short amount of time, everyone knew a little bit about each other that broke the ice for ongoing conversations for the rest of the week. With daily fitness classes, yoga sessions with Deborah Morin (John Mackey’s wife), health assessments, power walks and tennis lessons with Dr. Fuhrman; plus, the resort’s saline spa pool, golf course, and miles of hiking paths; no one was in want for something to do!  In addition, there were two, off-site excursions: scenic hiking at the Mission Trails Regional Park ~ 5,800 acres of rugged hills, valleys and open areas; and sightseeing at Balboa Park, which also houses the San Diego Zoo. Of course there was the Eat for Health trivia game night, which is now a popular, yearly tradition at the getaways. The teams were highly competitive and much lighthearted laughter erupted in the midst of it all.  

The week came to a close with the culmination of the Fuhrman Idol Talent Show on Friday night. I had no idea what to expect until I entered the room and saw the panel of judges; true to their TV personalities, including Simon Cowell (played by Lisa Fuhrman.)  Dr. Fuhrman was Ryan Seacrest, the host of the show, and the contestants were a hoot! 

talent show contestants

There was everything: a flute solo, a hula hoop act, a basketball spinning act, a boy’s talented tap dance, a jingle about vegetables sung by two ladies with vegetables pinned on them, the children’s adorable skit about healthy and unhealthy foods, and a charming song by Margie who won the hearts of everyone with her creative version of "American Pie" . . . Fuhrmanized. 

It was quite the night of energetic celebration ~ a perfect ending to a perfect week.

images of the people from Dr. Fuhrman's Health Getaway

Hugs were shared. Emails exchanged. Total strangers . . . gathered together in southern California for a week became friends for life. What a fulfilling and healthy getaway!

“I loved everything about attending my first Getaway, but what I appreciate the most is the enthusiasm that I brought home with me. In fact, I believe my excitement encouraged my husband to read Eat to Live and start incorporating the principles! Seeing Dr. Fuhrman in action truly showed me the benefits of a nutritarian lifestyle. He went nonstop for the entire week!”  -Lois


“The Getaway was the perfect combination of the best, life changing information, and the greatest vacation in a luxurious setting with gourmet meals.”  -Sandi


special thanks to the following guests who contributed pictures: talent show images by Dan Williams of Kalarestudio.com; exercise, hiking, and images of the guests by Wendy Jaehnig; image of Emily Boller and Martha, courtesy of Martha and Stanley

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Nancy Brady, RN - August 23, 2010 2:13 PM

When is your next one please? I live in Ireland and would have to plan far in advance. Thank you.

Dr. Josh Axe - August 24, 2010 2:38 PM

Looks like a lot of fun! I'm excited to interview Dr. Fuhrman about his new book Eat For Health on my radio show this weekend. Sunday night 8-9 p.m CST. You can listen live online at http://997wtn.com/

Suzanne - August 24, 2010 3:36 PM

Love, love, love, Margie's song!

Love it!

Thanks for sharing it with those of us who couldn't be there.

Susanna - August 24, 2010 7:06 PM

Love Margie's song, too! She has a wonderful way. The kids cracked me up!

Emily Boller - August 25, 2010 1:20 AM


Details for next year's Health Getaway should be coming soon. If you sign up to be put on DrFuhrman.com's mailing list, you can receive the latest announcements and updates for the Getaway and all other events.

patty - August 25, 2010 5:30 AM

Joining in the JOYOUS message!!!!!

love patty

Wilma Cashore - August 28, 2010 11:49 AM

I'd love to have the words to that song. Any chance they can be posted somewhere?

Marjorie Roswell - January 22, 2011 12:12 AM

I Don't Miss American Pie

I don't miss American Pie
I drove my heavy from the bevy of the medical lies
It was the good old boys thinkin’ that made me awry
I was fat sick, and I nearly died…
Fat sick and I nearly died.

A long long time ago...
I can still remember how the cool whip used to make me smile.
I knew if I had my chance, all my flavors I'd enhance,
My dinner guests were happy for a while...

But Dr. Fuhrman made me shiver.
To Getaway he said "come hither."
Bad news on the doorstep
For processed foods and more crap

I can't remember if I cried
When I read his book--uncovered lies
But something touched me deep inside
The day I nutrified!

I don't miss American Pie
I drove my heavy from the bevy of the medical lies
It was the good old boys thinkin’ that made me awry
I was fat sick, and I nearly died
Fat sick and I nearly died.

Did you read that "Eat for Health"
And did you share it with your wife?
Can you both make the Shepherd's Pie?

Your LDL and your A1C
Will decrease on the HND.
Don't activate a cancer the mushrooms are the answer*

Bisphosphinates will kill your jaw!
(Although it's well within the law.)
Now here's some bone strength news:
Leans muscle mass improves!

Well, my BMI on the HND
Will fall below a 23.
H = N over C!
The day I nutrified.

I don't miss American Pie.
I drove my heavy from the bevy of the medical lie.
It was the good old boys thinkin’ that made me awry
I was fat sick, and I nearly died…
But now Dr. Fuhrman's my guide!

* Tune changes slightly from original to fit this line in.

LDL - Low-density lipoprotein (cholesterol)
A1C - Blood test for diabetes
BMI - Body Mass Index
HND - High Nutrient Diet
"H = N over C" - Health = Nutrients per Calorie
Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead - Must-see Movie

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