Dr. Fuhrman on PBS: June 4th Premiere

  3 STEPS TO INCREDIBLE HEALTH! with Joel Fuhrman, M.D. will be premiering this Saturday, June 4th on public television stations across America.  (check local listings)

A message from Dr. Fuhrman:

"I believe in PBS and I hope you do too. Public television's very existence is in serious jeopardy from Washington lobbyists and lawmakers. I hope many of you will be able to support PBS with a pledge for my program "3 Steps to Incredible Health!" Your involvement and support will help our mission of bringing INCREDIBLE HEALTH to every single American AND enable PBS stations to survive in these difficult times. Thank you."


3 STEPS TO INCREDIBLE HEALTH! with Joel Fuhrman, MD is a sixty-minute PBS pledge program that directly addresses the crisis of obesity and chronic disease plaguing America.

Over 65% of Americans are overweight or obese - and that number is growing just like our waistlines!

Dr. Fuhrman will offer a healthy, effective, and scientifically proven plan for shedding weight quickly and reclaiming the vitality and good health we all deserve. 


Support Public Television and Dr. Fuhrman.

By making a donation during Dr. Fuhrman's pledge program on PBS, as a gift you will receive an exclusive Dr. Fuhrman "Incredible Health" combo package – not available anywhere else!*

Be sure to tune in and tell your friends!

By watching 3 STEPS TO INCREDIBLE HEALTH! with Joel Fuhrman, MD on PBS you are helping educate America with Dr Fuhrman's message.

Support your local PBS station by phoning in during an airing and making a pledge.

Check local listings by following these easy steps:

1. Go to www.pbs.org

2. Click the first button in the menu bar, Select Your Local Station, and follow the prompts.

3. Next select TV Schedule from the menu bar and you will be taken through to the TV Schedule for your local PBS Station

4. Use the Program Search field and enter Joel Fuhrman to find the scheduled broadcast dates and times of 3 Steps to Incredible Health!

If the site has no Program Search, browse their A-Z Program Guide for 3 Steps to Incredible Health! with Joel Fuhrman, M.D., click on the link to find the broadcast dates and times.

*Stay tuned to DrFuhrman.com for more details about the PBS program, the "Incredible Health" combo, and an exclusive offer to Dr. Fuhrman's Members!


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kels - May 31, 2011 9:50 PM

Help, I live in the Sacramento, CA area and I do not see that Dr. Fuhrman will be on. My local PBS is KVIE. Is this true, not airing in Sac area?

maya - June 1, 2011 6:38 PM

yay! i just saw the ad for this today and was very excited.

LauraC - June 2, 2011 10:17 AM

It doesn't appear to be showing on the Indianapolis PBS station either. :(((

Joel Fuhrman, M.D. - June 2, 2011 11:11 AM

My PBS special will spread to more stations across America in the upcoming weeks. However, the more support it gets in the markets that it airs in first, the more the other stations will pick it up. So keep looking, it will likely appear in your market in the near future.

steve - June 7, 2011 6:35 AM

not seeing this in arizona either.. bummer.. is there anywhere we could download this? or is that discouraged? Don't get me wrong, I am all about supporting PBS, but i'd like to believe that the messages in this program are paramount to the money it generates.

mike crosby - June 12, 2011 1:14 AM

I TIVOed Dr Fuhrman's special and just saw it. Dr Fuhrman hit a home run. I thought it might be watered down for the mass audience, but not so. Congratulations Dr Fuhrman. (As I was watching the program I admired how fit Dr Fuhrman looked. And I knew he didn't have to "diet" because he was going to be on national TV. As we know, Dr Fuhrman doesn't just talk the talk, but walks the walk.)

I guess the special has to be that way, but it had that infomercial feel, where the speaker says something, and then the camera will focus on someone in the audience with an approving nod or smile. I almost thought Dr Fuhrman was going to break out his brand of juicer at any minute;-)

One of the things I thought would have been compelling would be to introduce those patients he talked about at the end of the show--and maybe each could have said a few words. I know I would have liked to have seen it, being that I've read about these people via this blog. All I've seen is Emily's picture, and it really is a night and day difference.

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