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Sara Eats to Live on the Outside

Do you read DiseaseProof’s series Eating to Live on the Outside? That’s a trick question—of course you do! You do, right? Well, Sara does! And recently she emailed me to explain how she employed her Eat to Live know-how at Wong’s Gourmet in Philadelphia. I think she did a good job:
We went out to dinner on my mother's birthday at a Chinese restaurant in Northeast Philadelphia that was about as good as it gets in a restaurant. It was Wong's Gourmet. They have a "Create Your Own Dish", with a list of vegetables, tofu, and mushrooms. You get to choose four items and specify whether you want steamed or sauteed. They will serve the sauce on the side and have brown rice available. They also have a Japanese section on the menu (appetizers and sushi) which includes a green salad with ginger dressing as an appetizer. The salad was romaine with grape tomatoes, cucumber, onion, grated carrot and a carrot-based dressing. Salad in a Chinese restaurant is quite unusual. (Gerry - there's an avocado salad listed on the menu too.) We also had vegetarian wonton soup.
Avocado! Can I get an amen? Now avocado aside, Wong’s Gourmet looks like a nice choice for the discerning Eat to Liver dining in the birthplace of American independence. But too bad they don’t have a website, although you can check out the Wong’s Gourmet page on HappyCow’s Vegetarian Guide.

Now, Sara and her husband are quite the travelers. Check this out. She also told me how the two of them managed to Eat to Live during a recent square dancing weekend at the Nevele Grand Resort & Country Club in the Catskill Mountains. Here’s what she did:
I gave the organizer of the event a note describing what we eat. We were lucky this time because most of the meals were buffet. It was repetitious but they actually had something we could eat: vegetable medley (broccoli, string beans, pepper and yellow carrots), salad (lots of green leaf lettuce with so-so tomatoes) and fruit salad consisting of honeydew, grapes and citrus (the citrus likely from a jar). Breakfast was oatmeal and the same fruit mix. There usually was some kind of potato at each meal. We even got balsamic vinegar without too much trouble. For the served dinner we got a baked potato and vegetables, with a bowl of fruit for dessert (the same fruit mixture). There was plenty of salad since we got most of it to ourselves.

So that's how we've managed to eat to live on the outside. Now I think we will stick to our own cooking for quite a while.
Hey, she’s dedicated! But I don’t know about all the square dancing—just kidding Sara! Although this rootin’ tootin’ square dancin’ cowpoke did have some disagreeing words for my praise of Eating to Live on the Outside favorite Baja Fresh. Now I’ll just sit here and growl quietly, in the meantime take a look at what she said:
By the way, I can't understand why you consider Baja Fresh a particularly good choice. When we were on vacation we checked it out and found that if one didn't eat chicken it wasn't very good and we weren't that desperate.
Well Sara, if I ever see you on thoroughfare at high noon with the tumbleweeds blowing by, you better be a quicker draw than me—just fooling! Thanks Sara for your wonderful stories and feedback, its always appreciated.

If any of you have an Eating to Live on the Outside story you’d like to share please email us at diseaseproof@gmail.com.
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