Eating to Live on the Outside: Vegetarian House

Good morning kiddies! It’s Saturday, I can finally unchain myself from the blogs, but first. Its time for Eating to Live on the Outside and this weekend I’m “off” to Vegetarian House in San Jose, California. It’s certainly got an encouraging name.

Now, at first glance the menu looks pretty good. However, I do see some stir-fried and sautéed stuff, which can be iffy, but good thing there’s a ton of veggies too. So then, here’s a quick list of food that caught my eye:

Steamin’ Greens with Rice

  • Steamed green beans, broccoli, cauliflower, red bell pepper and tofu in a light lemon sauce, served with rice; skip the rice and you’ve got a real winner.


  • Chickpeas, sesame tahini, spices and pita bread; you might pass on the pita, but I’m okay with it.

Mu Shu Rolls

  • Steamed mixed vegetables, soy protein, rice paper and spicy bean sauce; not too bad.

Heavenly Salad

  • Shredded cabbage, tofu, fresh herbs, soy protein, vinaigrette and peanuts; sounds good, but dressing on the side.

Greek Salad

  • Romaine lettuce, vegan feta cheese, tomato, cucumber, olives and Greek olive oil dressing; same deal with the dressing and I’ll pass on the fake cheese.

Baby Spinach Salad

  • Cranberries, baby spinach, corn, toasted almonds, sesame seeds and light vinaigrette; dressing on the side.

Autumn Salad

  • Mixed spring salad, Romaine lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, soy protein and house dressing; again with the salad dressing.

Split Pea & Barley Soup

  • Barley, carrot, split pea and celery; provided it’s not salty, I like it.

Steamin’ Greens

  • Steamed greens, broccoli, cauliflower, red bell peppers, carrot, pine nuts, tofu and light lemon sauce; sounds cool.

Simple Green

  • Steamed green beans, pine nuts and light lemon sauce; very simple, very good.

Steamed Collard Greens

  • Fresh steamed collard greens with mushroom sauce and carrot; no problems here.

Healthy Brown Rice

  • Roasted pine nuts, sesame seeds, nori, vegetables, cucumber, brown rice and tangy sauce; not a bad choice either.

Vegetarian House has a lot to offer, with not a lot of problems. Sure, there’s a bunch of stir-fried stuff, but as you can see, you’ve got of other options. Now, if I had to pick something. I’m going with the Baby Spinach Salad or the Steamin’ Greens.

Okay, listen up! If you’re not too busy partying this weekend, do me a favor. Flip through Vegetarian House’s menu and let me know what looks good to you. Do you like my picks or something different? Either way, do tell, do tell. Peace.

Image credit: Vegetarian House

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E. - May 16, 2009 9:51 AM

I like your picks (especially the Split Pea soup, which is my favorite soup right now).

I would get the soup with the raw fettucine. If I was up for something sweet after, I'd order the thai young coconut juice for dessert. YUM.

jocelyn - May 16, 2009 11:31 AM

All the menu items looked good to me. However, it's hard to know which ingredients are acceptable, such as the rice noodles, roti, and bean threads. I'd have to do a bit of research before I go. But the menu is very large and I'm sure there's more than a few things that would fit into the Eat to Live plan.

I have family out that way, so I'll make a point of stopping by for a bite one of these days.

Have you tried the Millennium in San Francisco?

Kathy J. - May 18, 2009 3:25 PM

Definitely the raw fettucine and the ganga yamuna dal soup - both sound really good to me. The tofu rolls deluxe look good too and it looks like you roll your own - awesome! I might also try the three cup wonder - looks interesting and could be very tasty. Those are my picks in addition to yours. What an awesome menu! It's rare to find such diversity even in vegetarian restaurants.

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