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Eating to Live on the Outside Turns 1

Brace yourself. Because today, Eating to Live on the Outside celebrates its first birthday! Hip-hip hooray, for he’s a jolly-good fellow, Feliz Navidad, and all that jazz. Yup, exactly one year ago today, DiseaseProof began its weekly look at the daunting abyss that is the American restaurant landscape.

Over the past year I’ve read dozens of menus. Some, from well known fixtures of Americana like Fridays, IHOP, Sizzler, and Denny’s, and other not-so well known eateries like Just Salads, Go Raw Café, Pure Food and Wine, and Mesob. And what have I learned? Well, I tried to think of some long-winded thoughtful proclamation, but, I’m not one to gush—so I took the easy way out. I asked Dr. Fuhrman for his thoughts on Eating to Live on the Outside, and here’s what he had to say:
Eating to Live on the Outside makes the point that you can't beat home cooked meals and since it is impossible to follow my dietary recommendations in America, we should all move to Fiji.
Now believe me. As Dr. Fuhrman’s blogger I constantly walk the thin line between brownnosing and support. But in this case, I totally agree with him. I mean come on. You’ve read his books and you eat your fruits and veggies. How the heck can any standard American restaurant—even one the “good” ones—really stack up against a true nutrient-rich vegetable-based diet? You probably are better off just eating at home—this should explain why I always say, “I don’t eat out very often.”

Okay, let’s talk about me for second—I know, I know, this is Dr. Fuhrman’s blog and the all the focus should be on him and his work, but go with me on this for a second. When I first started doing this series I was still fairly new to Eat to Live. Meaning, I was applying a lot of its principles to my life, but not all the way with it. For example, check out these earlier installments of Eating to Live on the Outside. Just look at what I said I’d order:
I'd go with the Shanghai Chicken Salad, even though the Santa Fe seems healthier. The spiciness might be an issue for some people, myself included. If you skipped the appetizer or ordered a house salad, you might want to keep the chicken on this dish, if not ask the waiter for no chicken. Just remember to go easy on the Cilantro-Lime dressing.

At first I was thinking I might order the Tuna Roll, but given the amount of mercury in tuna, I'd avoid it. A basic soup and a salad is a decent choice, although stay away from the cream based soups and definitely not choose the oily or creamy salad dressings. Speaking of salad, the Oriental Chicken Salad and the Chicken Caesar Salad look good. I like the Oriental Chicken salad a lot because you get a nice array of plant matter: mandarin oranges, roasted almonds, and mixed greens. Just remember to go easy on the dressing. I'd easily take this over the Chicken Caesar Salad.
Chicken! What was I thinking—chicken! This brings me to my point. For a year now I’ve been the guinea pig. I’ve been the one telling you what I’d order if I found myself at any of these restaurants. And if you read all the posts from start until now, you’ll see that my sensibilities have changed—or more appropriately, evolved—as I’ve become more and more comfortable with my Eat to Live skin.

Nowadays I’m basically a vegetarian. Although, I don’t identify as a complete vegetarian because I still eat fish a couple times a month, but just consider all the stuff I don’t eat anymore: meat, cheese, bread, dairy, and caffeine. Sure, from time to time I might snag a few Peanut M&M's or eat a little too much sushi, but overall, my diet has made a total 360 from what it used to be many moons ago.

Even though I’ve only actually eaten at a handful of the restaurants I’ve examined, just the weekly act of reviewing all these menus has helped me acquire the skills necessary to give myself a fighting chance in the land of standard American restaurants—insert battle-cry here.

My hope is that this series gives you a starting point for your own Eating to Live on the Outside adventures. And, hopefully watching me evolve as an Eat to Liver has been at least mildly entertaining, because believe me, it’s been a blast sharing a part of me with you in this series—and there’s no end in sight!

Now, in case you’ve missed any installment, I’ve gone ahead and listed every post below—and of course you can always find past blog posts in the Eating to Live on the Outside category as well. Enjoy:
And let’s not for get all the Eating to Live on the Outside extras too:
Oh, and on a side note. Since I blogged about it a few weeks ago, I’ve eaten at New York City’s Sacred Chow numerous times, and, I’m making plans to eat at Pure Food and Wine real soon—as always, I’ll keep you posted!

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