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In tribute to the Giants surprising trip to the NFL AFC championship game, Eating to Live on the Outside is heading back to the big apple. Let me point out, I’m not a Giants fan, so I’m doing this under protest—GO RAIDERS—alright, time to check out NYC’s own, Souen.

According to their website Souen is an “Organic Macrobiotic Restaurant.” Well, this is certainly a promising start. Oh! If you don’t know what macrobiotic is, just Wikipedia it. In short, people who are macrobiotic eat a lot of whole foods and avoid refined and processed food; its “kind of” Fuhrman-ish. Okay, lets crack this menu open!

First up are the soups. Now, at this past weekend’s event at the Beaver Brook Country Club Dr. Fuhrman pointed out that you should never order soup at a restaurant because most of these soups are loaded with salt. He’s right, but to be honest, most food cooked outside the house is salt bombarded. Hence my whole rap about concessions and not eating out very often.

So, if I felt like enduring a salt hit, I’d go with the Hayato Soup; a big bowl of mixed vegetables in a miso soup. Hey, it’s hard to beat mixed vegetables! Now, there is a Wakame Soup on the menu and I love wakame, but wakame is really salty and this soup has sesame oil too, so, I’ll pass.

Next, I’m skipping the breads and jumping to the Salads. Honestly, they all work. Here’s the two that really turned me on. The Green Garden Salad looks yummy; heaps of greens, watercress, raddichio, endive, daikon radish threads, grated beets, and sesame vinaigrette. Beets! You got to love that. The Cucumber Salad is cool too. It’s pretty basic, just slices of cucumber tossed with akatosaka seaweed, carrot, and sesame vinaigrette. The seaweed might be a tad salty, but I can live with it. Overall, if you go easy on or omit the dressing, these are both solid options.

Now, there’s a bunch of stuff under Small Plates. Most of them are iffy, but, I like the Edamame and the Sauteed Greens. The Edamame is just steamed soy beans in the pod and the Sauteed Greens are dark leafy greens sautéed in olive oil and garlic. Let’s start with the greens. Clearly the olive and sautéing is the concession—I can deal with it. The soy beans might have a concession too. I’ve found that occasionally these beans are salted. Before I’d order them, I’d ask the wait staff, but overall edamame beans are really great.

The Daily Fare looks good. There’s a bunch of things I’d order; the vegetable summer roll, bean of the day, avocado, steamed vegetables, grain of the day, hijiki seaweed, and steamed greens. Heck, I could make a meal out of these and be more than happy about it. I’d probably order the bean of the day, some avocado, steamed vegetables, and the steamed greens. The awesome part about all this is its concession-free—sweet!

I love some of the Vegetarian Entrees, namely the Macro Plate, Broccoli Tofu, Inspired Vegetable Curry, and the Kuzu Stew. Combine they’re made with beans, hijiki seaweed, steamed greens, vegetables, rice, broccoli, vegetables, scrambled tofu, onion, carrot, kabocha squash, white mushrooms, snap peas, a turmeric-curry-ginger broth, cauliflower, snow peas, shiitake mushrooms, tamari, and apple juice. Lots of good stuff! I don’t see really anything alarming here. Do you?

Okay, the rest of the menu is comprised of fish dishes, noodle-based entrees, desserts, and beverages. Now, as I’ve said many times before. I do eat fish, but, when confronted with all these veggie options, I wouldn’t order any fish. Take a moment and acknowledge my continued growth as a nutritarian—thank you, thank you.

But as for the beverages, there are some cool juices. Yes, I know, in one of today’s posts I say I don’t drink a lot of juice. I’m not lying, I really don’t, but sometimes, some very tempting juices do come along. All three of Souen’s are cool; Organic Fresh Squeezed Juice (apple, carrot, beet, ginger, celery, cucumber), Carrot with Ginger, and Carrot with Mixed Vegetables. I wouldn’t binge drink on any of these, but, I’d certainly give them a whirl. How about you?

Well, unlike the Giants this weekend, I like a nutritarian’s chances of finding a great meal at Souen. My friend swears by it. She said she usually orders the Miso Soup and apparently, Souen also offers an incredible Chef Salad that isn’t on the menu. Now that is certainly worth a look! Speaking of looking, it’s your turn. Scope out Souen’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. As always, make a comment or send me an email to Until then, eat well. Peace.
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David Christopher - January 21, 2008 11:52 AM

Hey Gerry, you're a Raiders fan too? Been one since I was 7. It's been rough, really rough, over the last several years.

Hey, gotta route for the Giants in the big one now...still bitter about that snow job tuck rule incident years ago with the Raiders/Pats.

Your link to the Raiders goes to the Giants though!


Gerry Pugliese - January 21, 2008 12:41 PM

Hey David-

For starters, I fixed the link--egad!

Yeah, it pains me to say it, but go Giants! I detest the Patriots--sorry Pats fans--I'm still seriously mad about the "tuck-rule." The officials make the wrong call and the league comes up with an absurd rule to gloss over it...I smell something...I think it came from a bull.

Dave, lets just hope that Jamarcus becomes a stud, they draft McFadden, and Rob Ryan can get that defense back in line. I'm a Kiffin fan, so I'm hoping he can turn it around.

In my opinion the division is up in the air. The Broncos, Chiefs, and Raiders have no identity yet, and the Chargers, they look good, but any team coached by Norv Turner is destined for underachievement.


David Christopher - January 21, 2008 5:28 PM

Hah! You and me are on the same page with all of that. Although, I'm really disappointed to read all this chatter about Al Davis possibly feuding with Kiffin, and not letting him fire Ryan. I think Kiffin should be allowed to choose all his staff, not be force-fed Ryan, who's defense greatly under-achieved this year and couldn't stop the run at all. Offense finally shows some life and then the defense fails. I wouldn't mind seeing Ryan leave, let Kiffin run the show as he wants and needs to in order to right this ship! I like Kiffin, but Al has to give him every opportunity to succeed!

I'm sorry to say I'm starting to agree that Al needs to step down, step back, just get out of the way. Obviously his decisions aren't working.

Norv's decision to punt the ball away with 9 minutes left, down by 9 -- well, there you go. 'Nuff said on that.


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