Eating to Live on the Outside: Slice

Happy Saturday! Time for another Eating to Live on the Outside—hope you’re ready. This week we’re “off” to New York City to check out Slice, a pizza place, an organic pizza place. Relax! It’s better than it sounds. Here’s a short list of things that might tickle your fancy.

Fresh Salad

  • Organic mesclun greens, carrots, cucumbers, plum tomatoes and choice of carrot ginger dressing or balsamic vinaigrette; looks good, but dressing on the side.

Beginner Hummus

  • Herb crust, caramelized onions, organic hummus and kalamata olives; the olives are a little iffy, but if you don’t eat them all the time. No worries.

Wizard Bruschetta

  • Honey whole wheat crust, all-natural marinara sauce, bruschetta topping: tomatoes, red onions, basil, sundried tomatoes, balsamic vinegar and olive oil; if you like tomatoes, this one should get your motor running.

The Radha

  • Honey whole wheat crust, organic hummus, kalamata olives and fresh bruschetta topping; same deal with the olives, just don’t make a habit out of it.

Slice is certainly more health-friendly than most pizza joints! Now, if I really had to pick something. I’m going to be bold today. I’ll go with the Wizard Bruschetta. I know, the salad has more greens, but fresh tomatoes, onions and basil is pretty hard to pass up. What do you think?

Image credit: Slice

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Sara - August 15, 2009 4:12 PM

Except for the salad everything is a pizza- basically bread with oil plus the real food part. So itt's salad or its a cheat of sorts.

Greg - August 16, 2009 4:40 PM

I'm with you when you start talking about not eating cows, chickens, or ice cream, but olives? Really?

First of all people don't eat more than a handful of olives on anything. Second, they are olives. Better to eat olives than pepperoni and cheese.

I'd be far more concerned about sodium from processed foods and fake meat tofu products than whether or not a restaurant feeds you 50 calories of olives.

April - August 17, 2009 4:48 PM

I'm with you Gerry! I LOVE vegan pizza and the Wizzard Bruschetta sounds wonderful!

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