Eating to Live on the Outside: Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café

Whoa! I’m reeling. Between the news that blogging is hazardous to my health and the aftershocks of last week’s Eating to Live on the Outside nightmare, Buffalo's Southwest Café, I’m in need of saving. Oh please, oh please! Let this week’s restaurant be more palatable.

Now, like avenging angels, loyal DiseaseProof readers Jayson and Julie, swooped in and splattered this on my windshield. So, today Eating to Live on the Outside is paying Main Squeeze Natural Foods Café a visit. Well, not literally, via the powers of the internet—BEHOLD!

Main Squeeze is actually looking pretty good. It’s not perfect, but far better than Buffalo’s Southwest Café...of premature death. Now, there are some pesky things to deal with, like cheese, bread, and eggs, but nothing as bad as last week’s grilled pork chop and fried cheesecake. Alright, time to put Jayson and Julie’s recommendation to the test. Let’s hit it!

Okay, breakfast is my favorite meal of the day and lucky for me. Main Squeeze has some solid breakfast options, four in fact. I like the Aussie Platter, the Mediterranean Scrambler, the Fruit Salad, and the Low Carb Scrambler—and yes, the name of that last one gave me the heebeegeebees too. Combined, these dishes include scrambled eggs or tofu, steamed spinach, soysage, wholegrain toast or corn muffin, tomato, scallions, spinach, broccoli, Monterey Jack cheese, peppers, onions, Feta cheese, and seasonal or organic fruit. Alright, I’m ditching the eggs—even though Dr. Fuhrman considers eggs to be a safer animal food—the soysage, cheese, and wholegrain toast or corn muffin have also got to go. In the end, you’re left with a nice array of veggies to go with that tofu.

Next up are the soups and salads. Honestly, I like them all. They’re all loaded with tasty veggies—like spinach, beets, sunflower seeds, and almonds—but I really like Nell’s 7 Layer and Babette’s Feast. Nell’s 7 Layer is prepared with lettuce, cabbage, carrot, beet, tomato, cucumber, sunflower seeds, and sprouts. Come on! It’s hard to beat beets. Now, Babette’s Feast is made with spinach, apple, beet, red onion, Swiss cheese, and almonds. Clearly, the cheese is out the window, but other then that, they’re both looking really great. Oh! And I’d be sure to go easy on the dressing.

There are also some options lurking in the sandwiches and wraps. They’ve go some teeny-tiny concession, but nothing earth-shattering. For example, the Super Mario sandwich is prepared on a baguette with hummus, roasted peppers, spinach, tomato, red onion, Feta cheese, and topped with a roasted red pepper dressing. Again, the cheese gets the heave-ho, but, I’d obviously keep the baguette and the hummus. The baguette is a concession because its bread and the hummus most likely has some sort of oil. I can live with both of them, especially if I order the dressing on the side. Two more decent options would be the Good Fortune Wrap and the Garden Burrito; together they include tofu, brown rice, carrot, spinach, cabbage, scallions, sesame seeds, sesame ginger dressing, grilled tortilla, beans, Monterey Jack cheese, beets, sprouts, salsa, and lettuce. For starters, I’m ditching the cheese, but keeping everything else, meaning the concessions would be the tortilla and the brown rice—no biggie!

As for the hot dishes, I’m digging the Buddha Bowl and the Peggy Plate. The Buddha Bowl is made with brown rice, tofu, carrot, broccoli, cabbage, scallions, sesame seeds, sprouts, and sesame ginger sauce. The concession would be the brown the rice, I can deal with it. I’d also order the sesame ginger sauce on the side. The Peggy Plate comes with brown rice, beans, the vegetable of the day, and lemon tahini. Looks cool to me! I’m currently on the edge of my seat thinking about the veggie of the day.

Finally, Main Squeeze offers some fresh juice combinations too. Personally, I’m not that big on juice—aside from my shot of pomegranate juice every morning—but, if you’re feeling adventurous, they all looking pretty nutrient-dense. The Ring of Fire is neat; it’s made with apple, orange, beet, and ginger. The Elvis Parsley is fun too. It’s a blend of carrot, celery, spinach, parsley, and beet—interesting, very-very interesting.

Well, I got to hand it to Jayson and Julie. They picked a winner here. Usually when I pick a winner, I just stick it under my desk. Kudos guys! Okay boys and girls. It’s your turn. Are Jayson and Julie really onto something? Scope out Main Squeeze’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. As always, make a comment or send an email to Until then, eat healthfully! Peace.
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Jayson - January 15, 2008 9:43 PM

Thanks for posting this, the place is wonderful and is a diamond in the rough, surrounded by the typical high fat fast food fare. Great food and the proprietors are very much in tune with providing a nutritious meal with some awesome atmosphere.

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