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Eating to Live on the Outside: Ma Soba

Okay, last week we had a hard time with Jackson's Sports Grill, but no worries, this week is a little more palatable. We’re heading to Boston to grab a bite to eat at Ma Soba. An Asian restaurant with plenty of veggie inspired goodies. Let’s have a look!

Now before we start going through the menu. We should remember one thing. While it’s true that many Asian restaurants serve up lots of Fuhrman-friendly food choices. Asian food usually comes with a price, salt. So, we’ll do our best, but we’ll probably hit a snag or two.

Alright, I see a couple entrees I could roll with. The Tofu and Chinese Eggplant Stew is prepared with two kinds of tofu, sliced eggplant, rice, and a soy and wine sauce. Soy sauce, yup there’s a concession! I’d probably ditch the sauce or at least order it on the side. Now rice isn’t exactly nutrient dense, but I can deal with it—trust me, it could be worse.

Next up is the Grilled Salmon Filet. Along with the fish you get mango salsa, mashed sweet potatoes, and stir-fried vegetables. Provided the salmon isn’t Atlantic salmon, I’ll cool with it. Perhaps the bigger hit is the stir-fried vegetables. The veggies are great, but the frying part, not so much, might be a good idea to inquire about steamed veggies instead.

Ma Soba also serves sushi. I like sushi, but I don’t eat it very often and usually—for the sake of safety—I stick with salmon. Ma Soba does serve salmon sushi, so I’d probably go with that, but if I was in the mood for sushi rolls, it wouldn’t be my first choice. Here’s why.

Check out the maki rolls. Ma Soba has got some great VEGGIE sushi options. Now, I like sushi, but I LOVE veggie sushi. These four are great. From Ma Soba’s menu:

I would pass on any soy dipping sauce, but as for the rice these rolls are prepared with, I can live with it. White rice doesn’t scare me that much, but if do feel a little guilty about eating some, I’ll just run an extra mile at gym or maybe hold a Yoga a little longer than I normally would.

Let’s move onto the “others” section of the menu—kind of a funny name, but there’s some good stuff here. Like the edamame and steamed tofu appetizers. I probably eat steamed edamame beans once a week. Beans in general are great foods—musical too!

Perhaps even better than these appetizers are the salads, in fact, I’d say the salads are the BEST options on the menu. I went ahead and marked them on the menu. Take a look:

For either of these salads I’d ask for the dressing on the side. Now, the seaweed salad looks tempting and green seaweed is wonderful, but seaweed salads are usually LOADED with salt, so, got to skip it—darn!

To close out our digital visit to Ma Soba, I think the Steamed Vegetarian Dumplings and Sauteed Asian Vegetables are okay options too—no great, but not horrible. Neither of them would be my first choice and if I were to order one of them, I’d make sure to keep close tabs on my diet over the next couple of days, just to keep myself from tripping.

So there you have it, another restaurant onto the ever-growing pile of Eating to Live on the Outside, but, we’re not finished yet! It’s your turn. Check out Ma Soba’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Make a comment or send an email to diseaseproof@gmail.com. Until then, eat well! Peace.

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