Eating to Live on the Outside: Lonestar Steakhouse

Its Friday pard’ners and his week Eating to Live on the Outside goes wild—Wild West! Yee-hah! Saddle up because we’re taking a broken trail towards the Lonestar Steakhouse. Relax, I know the word steakhouse is frightening, but remember that a few weeks ago we survived our Outback adventure just fine. So no worries mate!

The first thing I noticed about Lonestar’s menu is the amount of meat, as far as the eye can see, meat, not too surprising considering this is a steakhouse, although there are a few healthy options consider. I admit it’s still going to be tough, but good thing I have my trusty six-shooter by my side—although a head of lettuce might be more useful. Also, for what it's worth, Lonestar does provide nutritional information online, so that earns them a couple bonus points.

And just to recap: this is about what I would order, having read Dr. Fuhrman's book. These, my friends, are not recommendations from Dr. Fuhrman. Thoughts on what you would order are more than welcome in the comments.

Like usual my eyes gravitate towards the salad section of the menu; it’s like the Alamo, a safe haven in the middle of hostile territory. The Cobb Salad has some promise, but I’m making a couple alterations—goodbye cheese and adios bacon! Now, I can deal with the chicken and egg, I only eat meat once a week anyway, so I don’t really mind this concession. Overall my favorite thing about this dish is the avocado. I have bit of an avocado fetish.

The El Paso Salad isn’t too bad either, but again, I’d drop the bacon, cheese, and in this case, the croutons have got to go! This salad also comes with your choice of meat, if I had to choose, I’d probably order chicken or salmon because I don’t eat red meat and shrimp doesn't rank very well on the contamination scale according to Be sensible about the salad dressing and I think you’ve got a decent meal. Oh, and the standard Dinner Salad looks cool too.

The Fresh Catch of the Day intrigues me, but there’s a catch (tasteless pun I know). I’d ask the wait staff exactly what the Catch of the Day is, if it’s something like salmon or tilapia, I’m all smiles. If not, I’m heading for the hills, or I’d probably just order the Grilled Chicken instead and couple it with a few healthy sides; a baked sweet potato and steamed veggies sounds good.

Other than these few dishes there really isn’t anything else I’d order. The soups scare me because they all seem to be cream-based and the last thing I need in my system is dairy. I might experiment with the crab legs or the lobster, but again the contamination worries me. In a pinch another good idea is to combine a bunch of sides into a main dish; this worked well during our Outback experience.

Don’t forget, we want your feedback! Check out the Lonestar Steakhouse menu and let us know how Eat to Live on the outside? Leave a comment or email us at

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annfan - July 1, 2006 10:04 PM

Keep up this nice feature of reviewing restaurants the ETL way! I like you're not fanatic about staying away from meat, but reasonable, as ETL doesn't have to be strictly meat-free.

These articles show you can navigate big-name restaurant menus to select less-offensive items, and don't have to cave in to SAD choices when eating out!


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