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Eating to Live on the Outside: La Siringitu

What’s a Siringitu? Not sure, but, this week’s Eating to Live on the Outside restaurant looks like a good one; a nice follow up to my Sacred Chow experience. La Siringitu, located in Albuquerque New Mexico, has got real potential for an Eat to Liver. Sure, like always, there are a few catches, but all-in-all it’s seems okay. So, let’s hit it!

Let’s see, what to order? Alright, the African Burrito looks cool. It’s prepared with black beans, corn, rice, cheese, lettuce, and tomato. And I’m guessing, probably tortillas too. Well, the cheese is getting packed into a rocket ship and launched into the sun. According to Dr. Fuhrman, cheese is bad news. Now the rice, personally I don’t get hung up over rice too often, but, given the variety of ingredients, I’m tossing it too. That leaves me with just the tortilla as my concession. I can live with it.

Next, the Hot Sandwich has got my mojo going—not literally, it just looks tasty. It’s made with sautéed barbecued tofu, veggie bacon, bell-pepper, onions, lettuce, tomato, apple slices, cucumbers, wheat hoagie bread, and it’s served with the soup of the day. For starters, the veggie bacon doesn’t interest me, so that’s out. I’ll keep the barbecued tofu, mainly because I’ve never tried it before. So, that leaves me with some concessions. The oil used in the sautéing process and the bread, but, as I’ve said many-many times before, I don’t eat out very often, so I’m willing to roll with a few punches. Oh, and for the soup of the day, well, that depends on what it is.

The Seasoned Curry Tofu Salad seems okay—the flavor of curry intrigues me. This salad is prepared with seasoned curry tofu, lettuce, and assorted veggies. I’d love to know exactly what veggies it includes, but, I can live with the suspense. “Assorted veggies” is a grab-bag I can live with any day of the week. Lately I’ve been eating more raw veggies, so this salad is a good fit. And the dressing? Whatever it is, I won’t use that much—if at all.

Have you ever tried mixing fruit into your veggie salad? I do it all the time with avocado and cantaloupe. So naturally, this salad is right up my alley. The Mixed Leaf and Fruit Salad. Now, the name says it all. I’d probably ask the wait staff exactly what’s in it, but honestly, its not like its going to be bad—its fruit and leaf veggies! And, if you omit the dressing—provided it comes with one—no concessions! Sweet.

Okay, if you look at the rest of La Siringitu’s menu. You’ll see, there are some red flags, like ice cream and cheese for example, but, if I were to stick with one of these four dishes, I think I’ll be okay. What about you? What would you order? Check out La Siringitu's menu and let us know how you Eat to Live on the Outside? Leave a comment or email us at diseaseproof@gmail.com.
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