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Eating to Live on the Outside: Kaya's Kitchen

It’s Friday, time for Eating to Live on the Outside. And this week I’m keeping it local. I’m looking at Kaya’s Kitchen in Belmar, New Jersey. Based on the website, it looks good!

Okay, I just finished clicking through Kaya’s menu and it’s got a lot of potential. A ton of great salads and some other food that might tickle your fancy, take a look:

Oriental Sesame Salad

  • Mixed field greens, diced tofu, carrot, mushroom, red onion, alfalfa sprouts and oriental sesame dressing; I dig it, but I’m getting the dressing on the side.

Spring Salad

  • Mixed field greens, plum tomato, cucumber, carrot, sprouts, celery, bell pepper, sliced avocado, red onion and lemon-ginger dressing; very cool, avocado rocks!

Spicy Cajun Tofu Salad

  • Mixed field greens, carrot, plum tomato, cucumber, bell pepper, red onion, sprouts, Cajun grilled tofu and ranch dressing; I think the dressing is vegan, but it’s still going on the side.

Baby Spinach & Fresh Mozzarella Salad

  • Baby spinach, field greens, grilled Portabella mushroom, plum tomato, fresh mozzarella (dairy), roasted red pepper and balsamic vinaigrette; I’ll pass on the cheese.

Summer Salad

  • Mixed field greens, plum tomato, carrot, cucumber, sliced avocado, red onions, sprouts, sunflower seeds and dressing; lots of good stuff here.

Harvest Salad

  • Mixed field greens, sprouts, raisins, chopped apple, dried cranberries, carrot, red onion and dressing; this is great too! Dressing on the side.

Grilled Veggie Melt

  • Marinated & grilled zucchini, squash, peppers, onion, eggplant, portabella mushrooms, tomato and vegan or dairy cheese; all those veggies are too good to pass up, but no cheese for me and I’d order it with steamed organic vegetables, instead of the other options. And the bread is a concession I can deal with.

Hummus & Avocado

  • Homemade hummus, avocado, lettuce, tomato, onion and a warp or roll; same thing with the side and bread here too.

Portobello Mushroom Platter

  • Sliced Portobello, eggplant, zucchini, squash, roasted red pepper, tomato marinated and grilled with garlic-tamari and brown rice; sounds great, I deal with the rice. I don’t eat a lot of rice.

Happy Buddah Stew

  • Sweet potatoes, mushrooms, onion, cauliflower, eggplant, chick peas, seitan, green peas, sauce and brown rice; lots of nice veggies here, now I’m not a big seitan fan, but I’d be okay with it in this instance.

Kaya’s Kitchen looks pretty good. And it’s in New Jersey, which makes it even cooler. My top two choices would be the Harvest Salad and Spring Salad. Like always, salads reign supreme!

So yeah, Kaya’s Kitchen works! But what do you think? Check out Kaya’s menu and tell me how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Until then, eat smartly! Peace.

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Mon - January 9, 2009 8:04 AM

I didn't realize you were in NJ! I grew up in Jersey and just moved out of there 7 years ago. I still miss it terribly. Wishing I was in Belmar right now to try this place out!!

I'm in northeast PA now and there are not many vegetarian places at all... off the top of my head I can only think of the Himalayan Institute and a little health food store called Natures Grace that makes lunch every weekday. (Honesdale, PA)

Sara - January 10, 2009 7:43 PM

Hey Mon- There used to be a nice health food restaurant in Marshall's creek on 209. Is that still there? Also a Yogananda place called White Cloud that had a restaurant. It is even longer ago that I was there.

Sara - January 10, 2009 7:55 PM

Gerry- The salads look good [except the one with cheese]. That happy Buddah and the Portabella platter seem like the best entree choices. Don't forget a combo of sides, though I don't think thats neccessary. This restaurant is the successor to Veggie Works and similar. It's in Nj but I think it's least 50 miles away for me. Tempting though, If I were in that direction...

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