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Eating to Live on the Outside: Just Salads

This week Eating to Live on the Outside is taking the next E train through midtown New York City, or more indigenously New Yawk City. Right across from the historic Waldorf Astoria Hotel is this week’s dinning destination Just Salads, a bountiful harvest in the middle of the concrete jungle.

With a name like “Just Salads” you’re correct to assume the menu is veggie-based (uh, duh!), salad is the absolute cornerstone of this restaurant, a meat-lovers nightmare! Healthy options abound, you’ve got lots to choose from and only a few items that might give you pause. Let’s take a look.

The left side of the menu lists the “Chef Designed Salads & Salad Wraps,” to be honest all these dishes have likable characteristics. The recurring challenge is whether or not to use salad dressing. Personally I wouldn’t get too hung up on this, I’d just order it on the side and dispense it in small increments.

So let’s see, which salads might I order, well for starters I like the Just Salad Signature. It comes with baby spinach, apples, bacon, red onions, walnuts, and shredded cheddar cheese. Clearly I’m not keeping the bacon or the cheese; I know what you’re thinking, “Why bother ordering this one?” I’m lured by the combination of red onion, walnut, and apple.

The Immunity Bowl looks cool too. It’s made with Mesclun, wild salmon, diced roasted butternut squash, and pomegranate seeds. Actually this one sounds really tasty. I’m digging the pomegranate seeds (we all know how healthy pomegranates are) and the butternut squash, not to mention the salmon. If I were to stick with the salmon I’d make sure I didn’t eat fish again for a while. Even though salmon isn’t overly contaminated, I’d rather be safe than sorry.

Fans of Eating to Live on the Outside know about my fetishistic relationship with avocado. So naturally I’m down with The California. This left coast creation comes with iceberg lettuce, grilled chicken, avocado, egg whites, cherry tomatoes, and sliced almonds. The flavor combo of avocado, tomato, and almond sounds very mouthwatering, but I’m not really keen on both grilled chicken and egg whites. I’ll make a concession for one meat, but not two, so I’m dropping the grilled chicken and keeping the egg whites. Still sounds pretty tasty if you ask me.

The Far East is also tempting my taste buds, this is some salad, you’ve got iceberg lettuce, Chinese cabbage, shrimp, carrots, edamame, Chinese noodles, and mandarin oranges. This is the first time I’ve ever seen edamame beans on a menu. This alone makes it worthy of ordering, although I’m giving the shrimp the heave-ho, shrimp has contamination issues. Oh, and I’m sure the Chinese noodles are made with refined flour, but it’s a concession I’m willing to make.

I could go on for hours about all these wonderful salads, but there’s another fantastic element to the menu I’d like to address. YOU CAN MAKE YOUR OWN CUSTOM SALAD! If you’re feeling stubborn and don’t want to deviate from Eat to Live at all, well, this might be your best option. With all the choices on this menu you can have a field day creating your very own meal. For the base lettuce you can choose mesclun, an arugula-mesclun mix, baby spinach, iceberg, or Romaine lettuce. And on top of that you can pile up things like asparagus, beets, chickpeas, golden raisins, my favorite avocado, shallots, lentils, broccoli, corn, string beans, and even tofu! Not to shabby, right? The bottom line, this is a fantastic place for health conscious dining, hands down.

In my opinion the only real negative is that Just Salads is only in Manhattan. Sadly they’re not a national restaurant chain, they’ve only one location. But for out of state Eat to Livers, next time you’re visiting the big apple you might want to pencil in a stop.

And as always we want your feedback! Tell us what you might have done differently or what you agree with. Check out Just Salad's menu and let us know how you Eat to Live on the Outside? Leave a comment or email us at diseaseproof@gmail.com.
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josie - May 26, 2007 12:49 AM

I think the place is over priced and the service is terrible.

george - April 29, 2009 4:48 PM

well ive been coming to just salad for 2 years and i was a weekly costomer. but i love the way they chopped my salad... so as i took my salad and paid.... i was thinking about working for the company... ive been eating salad for 3 and a half years straight.... so i applied for the job and now im a worker for this company... i love the enviorment and the co workers are cool and clean

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