Eating to Live on the Outside: Indigo Joe's

Life is about winning and losing. Sometimes you win, and other times you find yourself banging your head against the wall while repeating, “Why, why, why!” This week’s Eating to Live on the Outside is certainly one of those why-why-why moments. That’s right my friends, on today’s menu is heaping helping of standard American restaurant with all the trimmings. I present, Indigo Joe’s Sports Pub & Restaurant. Okay, take a deep breath, and here we go.

No surprises here, the menu is loaded with standard American staples like cheese, bacon, red meat, and ranch dressing. So as far as the appetizers go, I’d go with the Fresh Vegetable Basket or the Fresh Fruit and Cheese Platter. Both of them obviously come with a variety of fruits and veggies, but they’re also served with crackers, cheese, and ranch dip. I’d promptly hurl these into the garbage can. So in the end, you’re left with a pile of fruit and vegetables—nothing bad about that!

Now like many standard American restaurants Indigo Joe’s offers up the almost obligatory token salads. But unlike most standard American restaurants, they actually have a pretty nice variety. You’ve got seven salads to choose from, but, since two are Caesar Salads you really only have five. Still, that’s a decent offering, although they all need modification before I’d eat any of them. For example this one really caught my eye. The Sesame Chicken Salad is prepared with chicken, wontons, sesame seeds, cucumbers, carrots, Mandarin oranges, scallions, and almonds. When ordering I’d ask the wait staff to omit the chicken and the wontons. And of course, I’d go easy on the dressing which would probably be the Lite Italian. Not bad right? Raw scallions in a salad sounds pretty interesting, don’t you think?

Okay, now we’ve come to a dead end. Why? Well, how do I put this—the rest of the menu stinks! There’s no hope for an Eat to Liver there. Maybe in the past when I was willing to eat a rubbery plastic looking piece of grilled chicken breast I might have had more to say, but sorry, I don’t go there anymore. Dishes like the Char-Grilled Chicken Sandwich, the Philly Steak Sandwich, the Patty Melt, or Chicken Fettucini, just aren’t Fuhrman-friendly, period. I’d rather order a glass of water with a side of ice than sit here and try to make this menu look good—like I said, bashing your head against the wall.

Rather than ponder the shortcomings of the rest of menu, let’s revisit the salads and see what other options you’ve got there. How about the BBQ Chicken Salad? It’s made with chopped lettuce, corn, jicama, cilantro, corn tortilla strips, shredded mozzarella cheese, chopped BBQ chicken breast, diced tomatoes, scallions, and olives. See what I mean about the menu going downhill, BBQ chicken, cheese, and tortilla strips in a salad? Nothing very healthy about that. But if you ditch them, you’re left with a nice variety of veggies—yippee! Same goes for the Mexican Chicken Salad, after you scrap the chicken and cheddar cheese. So if you like being limited to only salads Indigo Joe’s is for you.

To be honest, to me Indigo Joe’s belongs in the category of “I hope I never have to go there.” Sure, I love salads, but I’m not going to some standard American restaurant to order overpriced veggies. So if my friends asked me to meet them for dinner at this place, I’d just pretend to miss their call.

So there you have it. Hopefully you don’t have a headache from bashing your head against the wall, I do, and I may have a concussion. Great, I guess next week I’ll be doing Eating to Live on the Outside: Hospital Food. Don’t forget to check out the Indigo Joe’s menu and let us know how you Eat to Live on the Outside? Leave a comment or email us at
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Meredith - March 6, 2010 9:55 AM

So what exactly is acceptable to eat here? esp. if you are on the abs diet? what about the chicken club sans bacon and mayo?

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