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Eating to Live on the Outside: HanGawi

Ready for a little Eating to Live on the Outside? I know, you can hardly contain yourself! Okay, this week we’re "going" to HanGawi, a Korean vegetarian restaurant in the heart of New York City.

And it looks pretty good. Not a knockout, but workable. After flipping through the internet menu, here’s what I’d consider ordering. Check it out:

HanGawi Salad

  • Mixed greens, diced tomatoes and sesame dressing; works for me, but dressing on the side.

Avocado Lettuce Salad

  • Avocado, lettuce and ginger carrot dressing; same deal with the dressing.

Mango Pear Salad

  • Mango and pear; it doesn’t say exactly what’s in it, but I think that’s a good guess.

Seaweed Salad

  • Assorted seaweeds and lemon dressing; provided the seaweed isn’t salty, I’m cool with it.

Ginseng Salad

  • Vegetables, shredded ginseng roots, bean paste and lemon dressing; I’m digging it.

Tofu Asparagus Salad

  • Tofu and asparagus; again, another guess, but I like it.

Todok Salad

  • Todok, watercress, cabbage, carrots, bean paste and lemon dressing; I’ve never had todok, but I’d give it a whirl!

Tofu and Mushrooms Galore in Lemon Ginger Sauce

  • Tofu, mushrooms and lemon ginger sauce; tofu isn’t my favorite thing, but this sounds good.

Mushrooms and Garlic Medley

  • Sautéed mushrooms, vegetables and garlic sauce; the sautéing is a little iffy, but the veggies kick butt!

Mixed Vegetarian Autumn Rolls

  • Vegetables, tofu, bean paste, cold lettuce and sesame leaves; interesting, I’ve never eaten sesame leaves.

Spicy Chili Mushrooms

  • Mixed mushrooms and spicy sauce; I love mushrooms!

HanGawi Stone Bowl Lunch

  • Chestnuts, dates, pine nuts, read beans, mushrooms and rice; the rice isn’t great, but the rest of the stuff is awesome.

Vegetarian Stone Bowl Rice

  • Vegetables, rice and hot chili paste; same deal with the rice.

Mountain Vegetables and Greens in Wooden Bowl

  • Mountain vegetable, greens, rice and hot chili paste; I’m not sure what mountain vegetables are, but I’d like to find out!

Mongolian Hot Pot

  • Wild bracken shoots, mushrooms and mixed vegetables; wild bracken shoots, very intriguing.

Like I said, HanGawi is pretty good. Some of the rice and sautéing might turn you off, but I can deal with it. My top choices would be either the HanGawi Salad or the Mountain Vegetables and Greens.

But what about you? What would you order? Scope out HanGawi’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Just make a comment! Until then, eat well. Peace.

Image credit: HanGawi

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Alicia - August 22, 2009 3:26 PM

The acorn noodles are an interesting concept I would like to know more about. Also, the seaweed salad in lemon dressing sounds good and unusual.

I always enjoy looking over the menus you post on the weekend. They give me dinner ideas and things to look for at the market. This menu will have me stopping at the Asian grocery store soon. Thanks for the ideas!

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