Eating to Live on the Outside: Extreme Pita

The holidays are nearly over. Hopefully you’re all staying on track. Saying, “It’s the holidays. I can have one more cookie,” can’t last forever. So, if the yuletide is getting the best of you. Sit down and get ready for this week’s Eating to Live on the Outside—EXTREME VERSION!

Well, it’s not really extreme. It’s just that today we’re taking a look at Extreme Pita. Now, Extreme Pita claims to be healthy, fresh, and fast. This may very well be true, but, there’s only one way to find out. Saddle up folks. Its time to crack this menu open—CHARGE!

First let’s take a look at the Freestyle Pitas. Clearly, if we are going to go for a pita, concession number one is the pita, i.e. bread. Okay, the only one I’d consider ordering would be the Market Fresh Veggie; lettuce, tomatoes, green peppers, mushrooms, onions, and cucumbers, and, I’d order it with the light Italian dressing. Now, not only are veggies great, but, if you check out the nutrition facts, you’ll see it’s your best bet, by far.

Alright, I’m skipping the Extreme Pita Creations and the Flat Baked Pitas, both are very meat and cheese oriented; not my thing. Onto the salads, and the salads—as they usually are—are a great refuge for the bleary eyed Eat to Liver trying to figure out what the heck to order.

There are two salads I’d go with. The first is the Fresh Veggie; lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, mushrooms, green peppers, and black olives. I’d keep everything but the olives, that way I could avoid the salt hit. I’d also get the Light Italian dressing, on the side of course. The other salad is the Traditional Greek. Now, it’s a tad mysterious because they don’t say what’s in it, but from the photo on the menu. I’d guess it comes with lettuce, black olives, tomatoes, Feta cheese, and the Greek Feta dressing. Well, after I ditch the cheese, olives, and switch the dressing. It makes more sense just to stay with the Fresh Veggie Salad. Don’t you think?

Outside of the Fresh Veggie Pita and Fresh Veggie Salad, you’re pretty much out of luck. Extreme Pita may advertise itself as a healthy fast food and yeah, compared to the likes of Burger Hut and Pizza King, they’re a better choice, but it’s no landslide victory.

Outside of these two options, the menu is slathered with cheese, lunch meat, and daunting condiments, but what really knocked me for a loop is the Just for Kids section of the menu. Here are the selections: Chicken Pita, Ham & Cheese Pita, 6” Pepperoni Flat Baked Pita, 6” Cheese Flat Baked Pita, and Chicken Nuggets & Dip—WHAT!

At least most of the adult menu sections have at least one “healthy” offering. Why is the kids menu loaded with the worst of the worst; cheese, processed meat, and, lunch meat! If you ask me that gives kids all the tools they need to make dopey food choices later in life, but then again, I doubt Pizza Kings’ kid’s menu is any better. So, on second thought and as far as standard American fast food restaurants go, it sure seems like Extreme Pita is par for the course.

But hey! Maybe I’m crazy. Heck knows I have been called it before. That’s why I need you. You people are the brains of the operation. Check out Extreme Pita’s menu—be sure to check out the nutritional information too—and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Make a comment or send an email to Until then, eat greatly! Peace.
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LLouise - December 28, 2007 3:20 PM

I don't see anything there I'd like!

I wonder if keeping a HUGE bowl in the trunk at all times would help: One could take their bowl into places like this or "Subway," and just tell them to throw in all the ingredients you choose :^). Could probably make a tasty salad! There is always lettuce, tomatoes, onions, etc., and most have avocados! Yum. If no dressing, vinegar is always available, add some pepper. Some have salsas...might be too much salt; however, even chopped tomatoes have enough juice to wet the salad. whadda ya think? :)

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