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Eating to Live on the Outside: Counter

I’m in a New York state of mind. So, time to grab the next train and hit the big apple. This week we’re checking out Counter, right off east Houston Street in the capital of the world—New York City! And this vegetarian bistro certainly makes a good first impression.

I first heard about Counter when I was dining at Eating to Live on the Outside favorite Sacred Chow—I love Sacred Chow! I’ll actually be eating there again this weekend. Alright, enough back-story and brownnosing, time to put Counter to the test. Let’s get to it!

Counter’s got quite a few menus to choose from, but I’m only interested in the dinner and brunch menu; the others are for liquor and kids. There’s a lot of good stuff on both menus. Some bad stuff too, like eggs, cheese, and milk. Okay, what to order? What to order?

I’ll start with the appetizers. This shouldn’t be a shocker. The Market Salad is looking good. It doesn’t say what’s in it, but whatever it is, it’s topped with a fresh herb lemon vinaigrette. Honestly, I highly doubt you can go wrong with a salad at a vegetarian bistro.

The Citrus Greens Salad and The Avocado Basket Salad are also pretty cool. The Avocado Basket Salad for obvious reasons—I STILL LOVE AVOCADO! Between them they’re prepared with bitter greens, grapefruit, toasted almonds, balsamic dressing, hearts of palm, Roma tomatoes, avocado, and lemon herb dressing. If you go easy or omit the dressing, I’m not sure there’s a problem with either one of these.

I love soups, so this next appetizer is right up my alley. The Soupe Du Pistou, which is a nicoise style hearty white bean and vegetable soup with pesto. White beans are fantastic! Loaded with fiber, and, after you eat them, you can serenade your friends—sorry, couldn’t resist. I think the only concession here would be the oil from the pesto. Not bad. Oh, and if any of these are too worrisome for you. You can always order some fresh fruit, Counter gives you that option—pretty cool, right?

Now, the first entrée I like is the Marinated Vegetable Terrine; prepared with sun-dried tomato pesto, herb puree, nut cheese, shaved fennel, and bitter greens. I mainly like this one because it’s raw. Lately I’ve been trying to eat more raw veggies. Probably the only concession here is the oil used to make the pesto. Now worries—I can live with it!

The Vegetable Mosaic also looks mighty tasty—great name too! According to the menu it is a market-fresh array of vegetables; including sautéed haricots verts & escarole, braised fennel with orange, Portobello mushroom roulade, whipped maple sweet potatoes, and steamed & spiced quinoa & cumin emulsion. Wow, quite the compliment of veggies! I guess the only concession would be maple syrup used in the whipped sweet potatoes—but then again—they might not even use it. I’d check with the wait staff.

I love stews. My mom makes a killer lentil-curry stew. So it shouldn't be a huge surprise that I like the Provencal Stew; amaranth & millet dumplings, vegetables & potatoes, simmered in a seaweed-scented broth. Sounds pretty nifty if you ask me!

Finally, the Hale & Heartland looks interesting; multi-grain pancakes with organic blueberry compote & fresh citrus fruit. Well, the grain is the concession. Whole fruits and veggies would certainly rank better on Dr. Fuhrman’s Health = Nutrients/Calories, but, I don’t eat this sort of thing all the time, so, I’m cool with it. What do you think?

Well there you have it. Another one bites the dust. Honestly, I’ll probably drop into Counter one of these days, I’m intrigued. But enough about me—your turn! Check out Counter’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Drop a comment or shoot me an email at diseaseproof@gmail.com. Healthy eating!
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