Eating to Live on the Outside: Boba House

DiseaseProof reader Travis suggested this week’s Eating to Live on the Outside. He said Boba House is one of his favorite restaurants. Alright Travis, let’s see if Boba House really stacks up. After all, Eat to Livers have really high standards.

Okay, I just printed out the menu. Now, there are a lot of vegetable-based dishes, but I also see a ton of faux-meats. That makes it tricky. Veggie meat alternatives are processed foods and they’re notoriously salty. So, in order to make Boba House work, we’ve got some bullets to dodge.

As for the appetizers, I’m cool with the Crispy Spring Rolls or the Steamed Tofu. The Steamed Tofu is my first choice; steamed tofu, “beef” chunks, peanuts, onions, and fresh herbs—I’d skip the fake beef. The Crispy Spring Rolls are made with vegetables, glass noodles, spices, and a sweet & mildly spicy sauce. The noodles make the spring rolls a less attractive option than the steamed tofu, but it’s not the worst concession in the world. Personally, I’d stick with the tofu.

The soups are too iffy for my liking, but I like a few of the salads. I’m digging the Rainbow Salad, the Avocado Salad, and the Boba Salad. All three of these include a nice serving of veggies. Combined they’re made with organic spring mix, shredded carrots, chopped cucumber, tomatoes, almonds, raisins, mandarin oranges, mixed greens, avocado, “bacon” bits, and almond seeds. Okay, I’m ditching the fake bacon. Nothing about that sounds appealing to me, but the rest of ingredients are great! To top it off I’d order the vinaigrette on the side. These three salads are probably your best bet.

The rest of the menu is pretty hit or miss. I like the Hula Pot. It’s prepared with aromatic curry, rice or noodles, your choice of vegetable, tofu or “duck”, sauce, and brown rice on the side. Alright, no “duck” for me, I’d go with brown rice, and as for the vegetable, I’m thinking broccoli. With the sauce on the side it’s a decent meal.

The Karma Noodle has some potential too; vermicelli, mixed greens, carrots, cucumber, bean sprouts, bell pepper, crunchy noodles, and satay sauce. I’m cool with the vermicelli—a minor concession—but I’m ditching the crunchy noodles and ordering the satay sauce on the side. Actually, I really like the taste of cooked cucumbers—do you?

Moving onto the entrees, Eternal Bliss looks interesting. It includes crisp broccoli, water chestnuts, baby corn, carrots, snow peas, tofu, and a side of brown rice. The rice is an itty-bitty concession—I can deal with—the stir-frying is a bigger concession, but I can deal with that too. I seldom eat anything fried. So this wouldn’t worry me too much.

And lastly, I like the “Seafood” & Vegetables. First off, I am nixing the “seafood.” Maybe some of you like meat imitations, but they gross me out—yucky! So, minus the fake seafood it’s made with crisp broccoli, baby corn, carrots, snow peas, and shitake mushrooms. Not bad, provided you can deal with the stir-frying—I can. No worries.

So did Travis pick a good restaurant? Is Boba House a good place for an Eat to Liver? Honestly, I’d say Bob House is okay. It’s not perfect. Way too much pseudo-meat for my liking, but overall, I think it works. Nice find Travis! Hey, maybe Travis should comment and tell us what he orders—hint, hint, wink, wink!

While we wait for Travis, it’s your turn. Check out Boba House’s menu and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Make a comment or send an email to Until then, may the veggie force be with you.
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Sara - July 25, 2008 11:24 PM

The main problem with the spring rolls is not so much the noodles- glass noodles are bean based not wheat based- but that they are Deep FRIED. That's even worse than the stir-frying.

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