Eating to Live on the Outside: Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille

On your way to work today you probably drove past three or four fast food joints, one or two casual dining places, and at least few delis or mini-marts; not exactly havens of healthy eating. Hey, by now you know, Eating to Live on the Outside is hard work!

But, lucky for us, this week’s restaurant is a break from the terrible. By terrible I am referring to Eating to Live on the Outside flunkies like Don Pablo's, Jackson's Sports Grill, Fazoli's, and Lonestar Steakhouse—I’m still shaking from these places.

Good thing Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille serves up plenty of fruit and veggie-inspired dishes. Now, Blue Sage isn’t perfect, but we can work with it. I’m pretty confident even the most ardent nutritarian could find something to eat on this menu. Let’s see if I’m right!

Admittedly, I’m not much of an appetizer guy, but there is one that might work. The Green Curry BBQ Summer Rolls are rice paper wrapped around baby spinach, Thai glazed barbeque vegetables, smoked red onion, ginger, basil, soy syrup, dipping oils, and a side of jicama. Agreed, it’s a little dicey, but the hefty amount of veggies could help you overlook the oil, smoking, and barbeque—what do you think?

The salads are less complicated, let’s jump to them. Both the lunch and dinner house salad are great; combined their made with spring mix, pepitas (pumpkin seeds), sun-dried berries, plum tomatoes, with a maple mustard, chile lime, or smoked chile vinaigrette. I’d probably get the chile lime on the seed and then kick back and enjoy those pumpkins seeds and berries.

The Asian Citrus Spinach salad is also really cool. It’s prepared with roasted gold beets, tangerines, green curry barbequed onion, spicy cashews, and an orange sesame vinaigrette. Another solid option is the Adobo Cubano; roasted plum tomatoes, grilled peppers, chipotle carmelized onions, baby spinach, and cheddar cheese. For both of these I’d order the dressing on the side and as for that cheese—no thanks!

Onto the entrees. I’m digging the Green Curry Shepherds Pie; made with couscous, brocolini, butternut squash, candy stripe beets, sun burst squash, green curry coconut broth, and Okinawa purple potato rosette. Its kind of exotic, but it does sound great. The Sonoma Sampler works too. It includes tabouleh grain salad, black beluga lentils, black berry barley, roasted sweet corn, grilled zucchini, guacamole, sesame eggplant, and a pepper-topped grilled pita hummus. Alright, provided that guacamole is sour cream free, the only major concession I see is the pita. I can deal with. Black beluga lentils, sounds interesting.

Two more. Both the Quesa Havana and the El Fino sound nice; combine they’re made with whole wheat tortilla, adobo black beans, cilantro, mango, jack cheese, avocado-roasted corn salsa, baby greens, chile lime vinaigrette, spinach, grilled pears, maple pecans, gorgonzola, grilled onions, dairy-free carmelized onion mayo, spring mix, pear-walnut vinaigrette, oranges, roasted baby yellow beets, and sun-dried cranberries. There’s a lot of good stuff here, but I’d drop the mayo, gorgonzola, jack cheese, and, I’d get those dressings on the side.

The cool thing about Blue Sage is that quite a few of their entrees are vegan, like the house salads and Asian Citrus Spinach salad. Now, even though I’m not a vegan. I like to see this because vegan usually means vegetable-based. Sometimes it can mean faux-food and refined junk, but more often than not it means veggies—very cool!

Well, I feel pretty good about Blue Sage and I’m positive a nutritarian could have a nice meal there, but what do I know? I’m just some dopey blogger. You people are smarter than me. So, put your thinking cap on and check out Blue Sage’s menus and let me know how you handle Eating to Live on the Outside. Make a comment or send an email to Until then, eat well. Peace.

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Sara - May 3, 2008 9:03 PM

Hi Gerry- I ate at Blue Sage a few years ago and consider it a special occasion place. The menu has changed somewhat. The Asian Citrus salad is very good. So are the soups which vary by the day. The Sonoma sampler was different when I had it. By the way vegan dishes are marked as are dishes that can be made vegan or not so that assures you that there is no dairy in those dishes. You know, this restaurant is not to far for you to actually go to.

Lew - May 4, 2008 8:20 PM

I ate there over a year ago. I don't recall what I had but remember it being to greasy/oily for me. Still better than most places to eat out north of philly.

Sepra - May 5, 2008 2:51 PM

I am so glad you covered this! Ok, I can say without a doubt, that the Blue Sage is not only the best vegetarian restaurant in PA, but it's the best restaurant in PA as well. I don't get the oily, as nothing seemed particularly oily to me there.

It's really small, so you have to get reservations, but the pain of doing that (and driving to Horsham!) is totally worth it.

Gerry, don't you live in Jersey? You could totally go there. It really is worth it. I recommend the Cubano Supper - it was pretty nutritarian, and absolutely delicious.

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