Dr. Fuhrman Talks Weight-Loss with Mike and Juliet


This morning Dr. Fuhrman joined The Morning Show’s Mike and Juliet to discuss America’s ever-expanding weight problem. He was joined by three women who each lost over 100lbs; one through diet and exercise and the others with the gastric bypass and the lap band.

The cool part is all three of these ladies learned the importance of healthy nutrition and living. If fact, one of them now owns a gym and is a full time fitness trainer and another is sexy, sultry burlesque dancer. Talk about a turn around!

Here’s the transcript of Dr. Fuhrman’s interview:

Juliet: Obesity is a major-major problem in this country. We’ve been hearing this. We do segments about this all the time. It’s getting worse.

Dr. Fuhrman: Well we do in live a toxic food environment today. Right now we’ve passed the mark, where 61% of the American diet is now processed food and junk food. 51% of American’s die of heart attacks and strokes and if you manage to live long enough half of us become demented in our later life. This is all because of our toxic food environment. Our brains and our bodies don’t take in the nutrients we need—THE MICRONUTRIENTS—to sustain good health into our later years.

Mike: Half of us are going to die of a stroke or a heart attack unless we do something about it.

Dr. Fuhrman: And they are unnecessary deaths! You can make the decisions right now not to have it happen to you and that’s the message here.

Mike: The processed food you talk about is that kind of addictive food too?

Dr. Fuhrman: That’s exactly the point, the reason why people fail at diets is because they don’t recognize that food has physical addictive properties and the physical addictions are intertwined with the emotional addictions.

Juliet: Are there just some people that cannot function or cannot have any success with a diet?

Dr. Fuhrman: You know why they don’t succeed, because they feel shakiness, weakness, fatigue, mental confusion, pain, muscle spasm, if they don’t constantly put food in their mouth they feel sick. We have to treat it like an addiction. Once we fuel their body with high-nutrient foods, they can actually get rid of these food addictions and make success in the weight-loss arena. I could fill this audience with people who lost between 50 and 300 pounds, who did it naturally, who did it with NUTRITIONAL EXCELLENCE, because they studied, they gained the knowledge and learned about food addictions and to remove their food addiction behavior, but if they are not willing to put up with a little discomfort—like coming off cigarettes or coming off ten cups of coffee a day—you’ll feel lousy for a few weeks. People fail on diets because it’s like telling them to eat less food or eat healthy, is telling them to breathe less oxygen. They’re just too uncomfortable, they can do it for a while, but the majority of people put the weight back on.

Mike: If the majority of us put it back on, they haven’t, why haven’t they put it back on do you think?

Dr. Fuhrman: That’s exactly point, because even the lap-band or gastric bypass, is just a tool to help you deal with addictive behaviors for a period of time, but you’ve got still to get the knowledge to learn how eat right, how to exercise.

Juliet: Can you still gain weight on the lap-band?

Dr. Fuhrman: People can trick their lap-band and trick their gastric bypass. These women didn’t just do the surgery. They combined it with learning about nutrition.

Awesome! Now, in case you missed this morning’s segment, the video is up on The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet’s website. Enjoy it, don't be like me. Taking notes, recording, transcribing and blogging while watching!

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Sara - August 13, 2008 12:09 AM

Thanks. Now I didn't miss the program segment.

Viv - November 10, 2008 6:09 PM

Hi mom,

You should subscribe to this blog.

It is the diet we follow,


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