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You know Dr. Mehmet Oz, he’s American’s Doctor. He’s also an old medical school buddy of Dr. Fuhrman’s and earlier today Dr. Fuhrman appeared on Dr. Oz’s radio show. Have a listen! Here’s a little about the show:
Many diets have poor nutritional value and therefore could be contributing to, instead of fighting off, various diseases, Dr. Fuhrman says. His diet plan focuses on foods that are rich in vitamins and nutritional density, keeping the body healthy and protecting against illness.

Dr. Fuhrman says his diet is successful because people are allowed to eat as much food as they want, as long as they are eating the right foods. "The key is not really to focus on the calories you are eating but [rather] on the quality of the food you eat—then there are mechanisms where the body produces fewer free radicals and the body feels comfortable eating less food," he says. "The symptoms between meals go away and you don't want to eat so many calories."

Avoid (but don't eliminate) animal products and eat lots of leafy greens and vegetables, Dr. Fuhrman says. By following that plan, Dr. Fuhrman says eventually the feelings that are commonly associated with diets—feeling light-headed, weak, foggy and shaky—go away and the weight begins to melt off. "When you eat healthfully, your body gravitates relatively rapidly toward a better weight," he says.
Dr. Fuhrman is becoming quite the satellite radio maven, remember this: Dr. Fuhrman on Howard 100!
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Audrey Reese - October 13, 2008 2:37 PM

I totally agree and appreciate what Dr's Oz and Fuhrman shared about nutrition and our kids. Unfortunately, I know an excellent child therapist who is being attacked by CPS for trying to feed her children nutritional foods! Can you believe it? It's true!
I wish this person can share her story on your show someday soon.
Thank you for hearing this request.
Audrey Reese

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