Dr. Fuhrman on Howard 100!

Yup, Howard 100! Thanks to my post about Robin Quivers and her claim about vegans. Lisa G. from Howard 100 News gave me a call and asked to speak with Dr. Fuhrman about eating veggies and beating the heat. Here’s the transcript from today’s newsbreak:
Announcer: Around the world and up your block. This is a Howard 100 Newsbreak.

Ralph Howard: I’m Ralph Howard. For Robin Quivers being a vegan is a cool thing. It’s Howard 100 News on your side.

Announcer: Howard 100 News on your side.

Lisa: Robin said the recent heat wave in New York City didn’t bother her and agreed with her friend who claimed it’s because she’s now a vegan. Dr. Joel Fuhrman author of Eat To Live and the book Eat For Health says Robin is absolutely right.

Dr. Fuhrman: Any foods like meat and cheese take a long time to digest and digestion is an energy demanding activity that raises body temperature, just like going for a walk or exercising. Also when you eat a diet rich in vegetables, your micronutrient levels are higher. Micronutrients are vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals; they are the non-caloric portion of food and when you have a high level of micronutrients your healthier.

Lisa: But how does that correlate with the outside temperature?

Dr. Fuhrman: Well, when you metabolism is slower you can handle the heat better. When your metabolism is faster it raises body temperature and you have more difficultly in feeling okay when it’s hot out.

Lisa: Dr. Fuhrman claims being thin and eating healthy will make you live longer.

Dr. Fuhrman: We know from studies on animals, like on rats, when they feed them more intermittently, when they calorically restrict them, they can practically double their lifespan and live one and a half times longer, and lower their body temperature and their metabolism goes slower as they age slower.

Lisa: The downside of being a vegan, the winter.

Dr. Fuhrman:
Makes you tolerate the cold not as well. So a person eating a more plant-favorable or plant-heavy diet, more vegan diet, is going to have to dress warmer in the wintertime, but is going to tolerate the heat much better.

Lisa: Dr. Fuhrman says metabolism is like a battery. The slower it is, the more energy you save, thus slowing down your aging process. For Howard 100 News, I’m Lisa G.
How cool is that? I’m a HUGE Howard Stern fan—which should help explain all my smart-ass remarks—it was doubly cool for me because I’ve got a major crush on Lisa G. Thanks again Lisa! You rock! Oh, and give Artie a shot.
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Paige - June 14, 2008 12:48 AM

Wow, that seemed surprisingly accurately spun!

Kirsten - June 14, 2008 10:45 AM

What GREAT publicity! Good job getting national coverage, Gerry!

Foodaroo - June 14, 2008 3:32 PM

This makes alot of sense. Meat does raise the body temperature while fruits lower the temperature. Perhaps, this is the reason meat is not good for the majority of the population. The higher the body temperature, the more chemical reaction occurring inside the body, thus making DNA activity more dangerous to cancerous cells.

Meat should be digested in a parasympathetic mode, when the body is resting. The problem is that most of us are "on the run mode" and do not digest meat properly. And when this happens, meat becomes nitrogenous waste, which at high levels become toxic to the body.

Elijah - June 14, 2008 10:45 PM

I think we need to hear some more guest appearances from Dr. Fuhrman on the Howard Stern show!

What do you say Lisa, Robyn, Howard?

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