Using Healthy Food vs. Type II Diabetes

Most people don't know Type II diabetes can be prevented and reversed. Eat to Live explains how maintaining a healthy body weight with a nutrient-rich vegetable-based diet plan can help rid them of the disease. Dr. Fuhrman expounds:

Diabetes can take a severe toll—causing heart attacks and strokes, as well as other serious complication. More than 70 percent of adults with Type II diabetes die of heart attacks and strokes. The statistics are even more frustrating when you watch people gain weight, become even more diabetic, and develop attendant complications, all while under the care of their physicians.

This is a dangerous trend. Dr. Fuhrman points out that as our country's weight has risen, diabetes has increased accordingly. Dr. Fuhrman finds support in a recent headline appearing in Health Day News. The report printed in Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine links an increase in Type II diabetes with overweight adolescents. Steven Reinberg reports:

"Among adolescents who have diabetes, the majority of cases are still type 1 diabetes," the inherited form of the disease, Glen E. Duncan, an assistant professor in the Department of Epidemiology, Nutritional Sciences Program at the University of Washington in Seattle said. "However, the prevalence of type 2 diabetes, a condition once seen only in adults, has increased over the past decade," he said

"Roughly 29 percent of all adolescents with diabetes now have type 2 diabetes, and the prevalence of impaired fasting glucose—a risk factor or precursor to developing type 2 diabetes—is substantial in this population," Duncan added.

Based on this report, it seems poor dietary digressions set us up for failure. Dr. Fuhrman would agree. Years of consuming the standard American diet (SAD) leads us down the slippery slope of disease and premature death. Why not do something about it? Eat to Live provides the all the framework you'll need:

Type II diabetics adopting this approach can become undiabetic and achieve wellness and even excellent health. They can be diabetes-free for life! Almost all my Type II patients are weaned off insulin in the first month. Thanks to their excellent nutrition, these patients have much better (lower) blood sugars than when they were on insulin. The horrors of diabetes about to befall them are aborted.
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anet - May 7, 2006 9:04 AM

The reason most folks don't know that type II diabetes is a "lifestyle choice" and reversible with superior nutrition is because their clinican's don't tell them....additionally this fact isn't represented in popular media, its just not common knowledge. Why is this??

Jayme Riner - December 10, 2006 3:54 PM

borderline typell diabetes

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