Extra Body Fat Increases Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

The heavier you are, the greater the risk you will develop type-2 diabetes. For some susceptible individuals, even moderate amounts of excess fat on the body can trigger diabetes. When we have more fat on the body, more insulin is required to deliver glucose to the cells as the coating of fat around our cells makes it difficult for the hormone insulin to easily transport the glucose into the cells.

The pancreas is then required to produce even higher amounts of insulin to accommodate the heightened insulin requirements. This stresses the pancreas’s beta cells to work harder and eventually poop out, but also the effects of NOT eating a diet high in veggies, beans, seeds and fruits places the pancreas at further risk from oxidative stress.

For example, twenty pounds of extra fat may force the pancreas to produce twice as much insulin to do the necessary job. Fifty pounds or more of excess fat on our frame and the pancreas may be forced to produce 6 to 10 times as much insulin as a normal person who is lean. What do you think occurs after ten or twenty years of overworking the pancreas? Again, it poops out and loses the ability to keep up with such huge insulin demands. The pancreas is still overworked, pumping out much more insulin than a thinner person might need, but still not enough to cover all that disease-causing body fat.

Adult diabetes is a disease of insulin resistance, not of insulin deficiency. The pancreas's ability to secrete insulin continues to diminish as the diabetes continues and the overweight condition continues year after year. Total destruction of insulin secreting ability almost never occurs in type-2 (adult onset) as it does in type-1 (childhood onset) diabetes. But the sooner the type-2 diabetic can lose the extra weight causing the diabetes, the more functional reserve of insulin secreting cells in the pancreas will remain.
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Ricky - August 17, 2010 7:27 AM

I was recently told by my doctor that my sugar insulin is above 35 , my doctor has put me on glucophage 500g twice a day . I need to knew what more can I do , to reduce this insulin sugar to the normal which is 9

teenda - June 15, 2012 3:05 PM

If you are a fat person and your pancrease is producing 6 times more insuline from many years so it is the time let your pancrease sleep for two to three months and start 600 calories diet from today and after two to three months your pancrease will become just like newborn .And the bonus points are low blood cholestrol and normal blood pressure plus healthy heart ,but remember one thing drug companies will never let u to do this.

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