Documentary Charts Group Diabetes Reversal with Diet

In his book Eat to Live, on this blog, in the media, and in his practice Dr. Fuhrman often discusses his many patients who have completely reversed their diabetes with diet. Here's a quote from Eat to Live:

Diabetes patients are told to learn to live with their diabetes and to learn to control it because it can't be cured. "No, no, and no!" I say. "Don't live with it, get thin and get rid of it, as many of my patients have!" More than 90 percent of my Type II diabetics are able to eventually discontinue their insulin within the first month.

Here are a couple of sample stories:

A documentary is currently being made that follows the progress of diabetics who go to a desert spa and give up sugar, junk food, meat, dairy, alcohol, fried foods--and instead eat mainly fresh fruits and vegetables for 30 days.

The diabetes, at least in many cases, effectively disappears.

You can watch an early version of the documentary online, which is well worth it. (If you have trouble opening that video file--it uses Windows Media Player--click here for more options.) Very interesting stuff. You can learn more about the movie on the official website.

Via We Like it Raw

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peter bircsak - March 23, 2006 10:14 AM

The tv adds for diabetic supplies and drugs are directly stating Type 2 diabetes is a lifetime affliction. Nothing to do but follow the main path. Why does the mainstream lag so far behind? Why are natural cures like nutritional excellence not making the front page of the New York Times?
Pete Bircsak

John Gilpin - March 26, 2006 9:39 AM

I don't have broadband so I can't watch the video. But I looked at the associated websites. The producers have all the earmarks of New Age frauds, not the sort to be seen in public with. Has this been checked out at all?

Mark Lyftogt - June 17, 2007 11:10 PM

I was diagnosed 4 months ago with diabetes. My blood sugar was 173 and my a1c was 8.4.

I have cut all white bread and sugars out of my diet and started exercising 30+ minutes a day.

I have lost 31 pounds, my blood pressure and cholesterol are all below normal and i feel great!

I am off all medications and plan to live a lot longer..oh yeah..i turn 50 in a couple months..

Chris Thompson - November 15, 2008 1:28 PM

The video and program appear to be great if you want to also submit yourself to New Age & Oriental healing thinking. However, for a Christian, this program appears to work against Christian principles. There are many similar programs, offering the same results, that are Christian-based.

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