Diabetes: Fish Prevents Kidney Trouble

A new study in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases claims diabetics eating fish twice a week have less risk of kidney disease because they excrete less protein in their urine, a common indicator of kidney trouble; Reuters reports.

Here’s what Dr. Fuhrman said about it:

Anytime you add fish, fish oil, DHA supplements, flax or walnuts to a diet you will see dramatic health benefits for a variety of illnesses. This is consistent with other studies, so in that context it is reasonable to advise people to include sources of omega-3 and even DHA in their diet. This can be met with plant sources of omega-3 and a vegan DHA supplement such as DHA Purity or this need can be met with fish or fish oil.

Other foods, like green vegetables, beans, raw nuts and seeds, actually help prevent and reserve diabetes. Now, DHA deficiency has been linked to depression, dyslexia, aggressiveness, alcoholism and even reduced intelligence.

But, before you go fish crazy, be mindful of seafood’s pollution issues.

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Gerard Tango - March 11, 2011 3:31 PM

March 11 2011
Dear Friends:

I am 35 lbs overweight, have unstable high blood pressure, and am developing strange late night food cravings.

Dr. Fuhrman's EAT TO LIVE diet sounds like it is just the thing.

However, there are 2 possible? problems:

1) I have Stage 3 kidney disease, and my nephrologist wants to limit ANY meat products (meat, fish, dairy) to 8-10 small servings/month.
On this blog I read where Dr. Fuhrman recommends some good fish, apparently for its oil.
I take 4gms/pm of Lovasa mercury filtered Omega 3 fatty acid fish oil Rx supplement,a nd it controls my cholestrol and trigylcerides very well indeed. are these supplements enough or do I need to actually eat the 8-10 small meat servings/month?

2) I have Bipolar Disorder =Manic Depression.
A well thought of Bipolar Diet says the same things as Dr. Fuhrman's diet
that the Bipolar diet says
to eat
"a lot" of lean animal protein,
which I cannot do because of my kidneys.

Does anybody know, about any improvement, in Kidney, but also Bipolar/Manic depression symptoms, using
Dr. Fuhrman's EAT TO LIVE Diet?

Apologies for this long note and looking forward Gratefully for any good replies I am
Very Truly Yours,

Gerard Tango
lost in tulsa, oklahoma

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