Veganism: Unfair Treatment

ParentDish relays a story about a mom that may lose custody of her kids—why? Because she’s vegan. Read on:
Gail Nelson-Folkerson's estranged husband Jeff has filed a court application seeking primary custody of their five children (quintuplets, no less), citing control issues and the fact that she will not allow the kids to eat meat, eggs or dairy.

Obviously, the Father sees Veganism as unhealthy for his kids, though vegans would disagree arduously, noting that animal-free diets teach animal compassion and respect for other life while avoiding hormones infused in animal products and also avoiding junk like hamburgers and gravy.
I’m no lawyer, but, I can’t imagine any judge taking this seriously. What do you think?
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Michael Natale - June 29, 2007 11:28 AM

I would hope it would take more than a dietary difference of opinion for one parent to get a legal custody order reversed.

Audrey - June 29, 2007 8:58 PM

Veganism is not for everyone and I would hope that any parent would take measures to assure his/her child was getting what he/she needed to grow properly. My vegan friend had no idea how to provide a balanced vegan diet and his kid suffered from frequent broken bones, stunted growth, and anemia because of it.

This is not to say stuffing your kid with meat and dairy is the key to proper nutrition. Many parents make poor food choices for their kids. America wouldn't have such a problem with childhood obesity if they didn't.

Without more information I can't say if the mother's diet is harmful- chances are the father's just grasping at straws. Hopefully the judge will be looking at nutrition and health instead of focusing on fears and sterotypes.

Saab - June 5, 2011 11:41 AM

Vegan foods have less concentration of most vitamins including vitamin D and calcium.

To fix this problem, eat more of the foods that contain such vitamins like vegetables, and you'll accumulate a surplus of other healthy stuff.

As for protein, the human body does not need as much protein as most people think. If you're a body builder, you would need more, but even so, protein is in every plant, grain, legume, and fruit. It may not be a complete protein, but it contains the necessary amino acids to form a complete protein within the body after being ingested.

As for vitamin B12, which is the only vitamin THOUGHT to be absent in vegan diets, it is actually made from BACTERIA, and it can be used effectively within the body.

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