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The Myth of Anti-Aging Hormones: An Expensive Bad Habit

From the July 2004 edition of Dr. Fuhrman's Healthy Times:

Real growth hormone is very expensive—treatment costs about $1,000 per month. It can stimulate growth in children, but children treated with growth hormone are more likely to develop diabetes and heart disease at younger ages.

Taking hormones cannot take the place of superior nutrition. The most effective way to maintain excellent health is to work to maintain your fitness and good health. People who exercise, stay fit, and maintain a lean body mass are less likely to see a dramatic reduction in growth hormone as they age. Giving growth hormone to adults who are overweight and in poor physical condition has not been shown to significantly increase exercise capacity or reduce body weight. No studies have shown that taking growth hormone actually enhances or lengthens life.

It is vitally important that people know that growth hormone has been shown to raise blood pressure and serum glucose, increase insulin levels, and promote or worsen the tendency for diabetes. Higher insulin and glucose are well-established to speed aging and accelerate heart disease. Taking growth hormone for its slight muscle building properties seems foolish, at best, since raising your glucose level is very likely to shorten your life, not lengthen it.

All the e-mail spam promoting amino acids that supposedly increase natural secretion of growth hormone is nothing more than a scam. The claims that their products can build muscle, reduce body fat, improve sex life, enhance sleep quality, improve vision, restore hair growth and color, and turn back your biological clock are false. The only claim they make that is accurate is that it won’t make you rich.

These marketers aren’t actually selling growth hormone. They are selling amino acids (arginine) that they falsely claim will raise growth hormone levels. Intravenous arginine, not oral arginine, can raise growth hormone slightly—for less than an hour, but even this rise is insignificant. These products are just fakes. Fortunately, because they don’t raise growth hormone levels, they are unlikely to be as dangerous as if they actually did. The best anti-aging medicine is superior nutrition in conjunction with regular exercise. The good news is you can get this without a prescription; the bad news is you actually have to earn good health—you just can’t buy it.

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hoady - April 2, 2007 2:20 AM

I think you need to check out Proargi9. It has been proven to elicit your own GH. It is not just arginine. It has a specific rider that will get it to cross the blood brain barrier and stimulate the pituitary. over 250,000 case studies have proven this. It is allowed to make that claim as part of its patent. I would be happy to tell you more.

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