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The Low-Carb Mindset

One thing that amazes me about the low-carb fad is the mindset. It’s very scary—1984, big brother type of thinking. “You’ve been lied to. The history is wrong. We know the truth. Step into the light my children.” Borderline fanatical, reminds me of George Carlin’s great rant about school uniforms:
Don't these schools do enough damage makin' all these children THINK alike? Now they're gonna get 'em to LOOK alike, too? And it's not even a new idea; I first saw it in old newsreels from the 1930s, but it was hard to understand, because the narration was in German.
Okay, maybe this is a little bit of a stretch, but group-think can be very worrisome. Especially since many of the low-carb lemmings of the world like to make enemies. After all, every movement needs an “enemy” or something to rage against, right?

And low-carbers do rage. Against everyone and anyone who doesn’t goosestep—oh, I mean—fall in line with their beliefs; which usually come in the form of childish us-against-them tantrums, laced with misinterpretations. Want an example? Here’s a recent email I got from one of DiseaseProof’s blog trolls. Asking why I banned him from commenting. Take a look:
I am no less polite than your blog and Dr. F. are towards low carb, Atkins, etc. We are not 'crazies' (well, some of us are...), and it's not medical malpractice for a doctor to recommend this diet. It works and the science backs it up, again and again.

You should look forward to my blog, by the way. I plan to make a regular sport of spoofing you guys. Enjoy your rice cakes, my bacon and eggs are almost ready!
Don’t you just love the nonsense! Rice cakes? What Eat to Liver in their right mind would eat rice cakes! And this brings me to my point. People misunderstand Dr. Fuhrman’s approach to health and nutrition, they mislabel and miss-categorize it. Most of the low-carb loonies would have you believe that Dr. Fuhrman is just another medical professional singing the praises of the standard American low-fat diet. Wrong!

Sure, by default Eat to Live is low-fat, but, it’s not the kind of low-fat that is printed on the boxes of Snackwells cookies or marketed by the makers of Doritos and Tostitos. This is Eat to Live’s cross to bear, being lumped in with the current health woes of this country. When in reality, it’s the only complete way to ensure optimal health and longevity

But, when you rise above the low-carb propaganda, you’ll see that no diet-style, including the Atkins fad can hold a candle to Eat to Live. Need proof? Just check out DiseaseProof’s Diet Myths, Hurtful Food, and Healthy Food categories. You’ll find tons of posts highlighting the dangers of the low-carb lifestyle. After all, no gimmick can contend with the way nature intended us to eat, no matter the amount of rambling by its followers or the marketing teams behind it.
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Joe Fitzpatrick - April 25, 2007 2:02 AM

Each side of this debate misrepresents the other. I did low carb for a while a couple of years ago. 20% protein [people that call LC high protein never say what % they think is too high], 30g fibre. 100 grams net carbs (20%), and still getting ketosis because I was so active. I lost 30 lbs, though I regained it and more when I went off plan and reduced my exercise.

On ETL I have lost 30 lbs again and in about the same time frame but with low to moderate amounts of exercise and not depleting glycogen. Glycogen is a fuel tank that with associated water weighs about 4 lbs, and is probably near empty if you are always in ketosis.

In the overall picture I think ETL is far superior to LC, but if someone does low carb properly (eats a lot of greens and other veg and fruit, and doesn't overdo the protein) and they lose weight they are farther ahead than if they do SAD, which is so obviously a one way ticket to the graveyard.

Michael - April 25, 2007 10:02 AM

You bring up a good point Joe. It is easy to eat better than SAD. Many people are healthier eating low-carb. The problem is ETL is looking at an ideal way of eating for health, not just weight loss.

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