No, Caffeine Isn't Healthy

Yesterday I found this article on WebMD. It debunks "diet myths" like eating at night makes you fat and drinking water helps you lose weight. For kicks, I passed it along to Dr. Fuhrman.

Now, their claim about caffeine NOT being unhealthy, really set him off. Here's what he said:

They ignored the downside and gave a one-sided view. Caffeine is a mild drug, addictive and like other drugs, can have both risks and benefits. In higher dosages the risks, such as irregular heart beat is potentially dangerous.

But because some people with the potential to abuse caffeine, like young people, are sensitive to rationalizations that promote caffeine and justify their addiction. This advice could be potentially dangerous and even fatal due to life-threatening cardiac arrhythmia.

Dr. Fuhrman is right. Especially about young people! All those super-caffeinated energy drinks are aimed POINTBLANK at kids, prompting many states to crackdown on energy drinks.

And yet, some company still thinks it’s a good idea to put caffeine in soap! Nope, its not a joke. 

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Scott - October 31, 2008 12:27 PM

I seriously think they need to put an age cap on kids buying energy drinks. Besides the caffiene, do they really need all that taurine, arginine and other amino acids and crap that their bodies aren't going to use? Not only is it unhealthy for kids to be drinking all the energy drinks, it seems like a enormous waste of money, seeing that most of them cost almost $2.00 or more. Let's not forget all the sodium and phosphorus that these energy drinks contain and normally are fed to them at a 16 ounce has gotten way out of hand.

Matthew Scott - October 31, 2008 12:32 PM

Something I've been curious about, as someone who is actively steering himself away from a coffee addiction, is how Dr. Fuhrman feels about drinking green or black tea.

I've been drinking both, usually without sweetener (*) at a rate of about three or four cups spaced throughout a day, and it certainly helps satisfy my craving for a "warm beverage" and keeps me away from the ultra-jitters of coffee, and also from the creamer and sugar I usually associate with my ingestion of coffee.

But I know that green and black tea -- especially black tea -- contains naturally-occurring caffeine. I suppose my ultimate goal should be to use herbal teas to wean myself from caffeine-containing teas, but I'm still curious as to what Dr. Fuhrman's thoughts are on black and green tea.

(*) Once in a while, I'll have a cup of chai with a little bit of coconut milk and a teaspoon or two of raw sugar.

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