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Here’s a brief dialogue between Dr. Fuhrman and an Eat to Liver over at DrFuhrman.com’s member center. Yup, I love me some low-carb bashing. Take a look:
I am just finishing reading The China Study after the mention of that study in ETL. It brought up a couple of questions for me about the nutrition knowledge of doctors and nutritionists.

First, it mentioned again the small amount of nutrition information included in medical schools. It profiled two doctors who had learned through their experiences the power of nutrition as they used it to treat their patients, just like you have. I was wondering if you are aware of the number of other doctors in the U.S. that use nutrition like this. It seems like like-minded doctors would know of each other, but maybe not. Any idea of how many there are? And is there any medical school that seems to be teaching doctors this way?

Secondly, it mentions the greater number of hours of nutrition classes that nutrition majors get in their education - either undergrad or graduate. My question is do you think that their nutrition classes would echo what you have learned, so that they would agree with you and the other doctors who use nutrition to prevent and reverse disease? Many times doctors (who don't know much about nutrition) will refer patients who need to lose weight, etc., to nutritionists. I am just wondering if the information they supply would be accurate according to what you have found in your research and experience.

I appreciate so much the knowledge I have gained since I was directed to your book and website. I must admit though that it is a strange feeling when I realize that I think I know more about preventing/reversing many diseases than the doctors I have seen. Thanks for all you do to educate us!

Dr. Fuhrman:
I agree with you. Just because the nutritional education might be increased by a few hours does not mean a doctor will be adequately trained or offer effective advice.

Look at all the terrible advice given by tons of so-called nutritionally aware doctors like Atkins and South Beach. Consider all the worthless advice given by most RD's.

Nevertheless, there are good nutritional programs at Cornell, Loma Linda and a few other places around the country and lots of physicians who have contacted me stating "you are the guy who finally got it right" But those number of really clear thinking and knowledgeable physicians and researchers are unfortunately relatively few.
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StudentND - May 8, 2007 10:20 AM

Nutrition education is one of the advantages of naturopathic medical school -- we recognize that food is a powerful modality and study nutrition intensively. Not that everyone is on board with the ETL philosophy -- one of the other advantages is the diversity of thought and unwillingness to toe any party line -- but it helps when I mention that I lost 50 lbs after adopting ETL.

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