Chew Gum, Lose Weight?

A few years ago I asked a heavy-set friend of mine why he chewed so much gum. His response, “Dude, it totally helps you lose weight.” After I bashed him on the head, I walked away in disbelief. But apparently there’s actually research on gum-chewing and weight-loss. More from Diet Blog:
There are a few shortcomings of such research:
  • The numbers were small - just 40 women and 20 men - of which only 9 were overweight or obese.
  • The results were also skewed by those called "restrained eaters". Those who were good at denying themselves food tended to be the ones who ate less after chewing the gum.
  • This is no double-blind research. Either you were chewing the gum or you weren't. Who is to say how the gum-chewers consciously or subconsciously changed their eating habits?
  • The research was "supported" by an Educational Award from the Wm. Wrigley Jr. Company.
Chew tubby! Chew till the pounds melt away—sigh!
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LLouise - October 1, 2007 2:56 PM

Chewing the fat...
I've read about this before. It is said the chewing also increases metabolism. I suppose it is a distraction; something to do with your mouth, other than eating; and serves to quell a nervousness or stressor -- all which could contribute to eating less at the end of the day. However, whenever denied, the needs of the body manifest eventually, even if we interpret the signals in an unhealthful manner (which is what is the norm these days).
Dr. Fuhrman spoke to this: He said gum chewing is not good for at least the one reason of keeping digestion active while chewing. Our body's digestive system needs to rest! And if our bodies are distracted this way, too, it does not tend to the other things it needs to, such as healing and repairing.
Better for these folks to just eat high-nutrient foods so those cravings for junk disappear -- in other words, simply Eat To Live :^)!

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