Barry Groves and Low-Carb: Junk Interview, Junk Science

LivinLaVidaLowCarb interviews Weston Price lackey and low-carb lemming Dr. Barry Groves. If you like nonsense and misinformation, here’s a snippet:

3. This sounds like a trick question, but I'm curious to know what you think based on your studies and experiences. What's wrong with a low-calorie diet? Why do you believe the low-fat, low-calorie, portion-controlled diets have literally monopolized dietary recommendations for what is considered "healthy" for so many decades?
No, it’s a good question. Low-calorie, low-fat diets have monopolized weight loss diets for the simple reason that the hypothesis that cutting down on energy intake or burning up more by exercising is plausible. But as Mark Twain once said, "For every problem there is a solution, neat plausible and wrong!" What is wrong with it is that it doesn't take into account how our bodies work. Starvation, which is what low-calorie dieting is, is unsustainable. It is bound to fail.
4. As a highly-respected and reliable source for information related to diet and nutrition, you've written many extensive columns and traveled all over the world talking about what you have discovered in your own empirical study of the scientific data about this subject. Do you see any meaningful progress happening anywhere that gives you hope that a major paradigm shift is about to happen? What's it going to take to wake up government and health leaders around the world to the low-carb answer to obesity and disease?
When Robert Atkins’ second book was published in 1999, it took the dieting world by storm. Studies, some funded by Atkins, showed that low-carb dieting worked, and conventional nutritionists were looking at litigation from people whose health had been compromised by their "healthy" advice. Unfortunately, this sparked a massive backlash by the diet dictocrats and, backed by governments and the all-powerful "health industry," they seem to be winning the debate. At this point, I think it will take a strong population-led revolt to make a meaningful difference.

Honestly, at this point I hope no health-conscious person even remotely entertains the low-carb lies. Now, back to Barry Groves. Dr. Fuhrman has addressed his drivel in the past. Here’s an excerpt from The Misinformation of Barry Groves and Weston Price:

Dangerous Advice
I realize the web allows a forum for people with potentially dangerous advice, but I think most intelligent people can see through his straw arguments, so I welcome the opportunity to comment again to his skewed nutritional viewpoints and unsubstantiated claims. Each time Barry Groves reports on a medical study he gave a different conclusion to the data than the researchers do, and the studies are usually some poorly done old study. It is typical stuff for the Atkins crowd and the Weston Price Foundation to find one research paper they can claim makes their argument legitimate, but even when they hand pick one study, they typically don't report the research accurately.

Fortunately we have a comprehensive body of knowledge today with over 15,000 articles written since the 1950's documenting the link between a diet high in saturated fat and low in fresh fruits, nuts, seeds, vegetable and beans and the increase risk of cancer and heart disease. Thousands of research scientists don't agree with Barry Groves' meat-centered diet recommendations and the platform of the Weston Price Foundation.

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Gus K - August 8, 2007 12:29 PM

Thank God for people like Barry Groves. His site is a treasure trove of accurate, sensible advice. All fully documented by true researchers and honest Doctors from some of the most prestigious medical organizations in the world.

Dr. Robert Groves - February 7, 2008 12:57 PM

I am no relation to Barry Groves nor do I know him. However, I have studied all sides of the fence and have lived many food systems from fruitarian to omnivore over almnost 60 years to know from experience as well as information collected by studies. (I also hold 3 doctorate degrees.)

The body needs a balance of macro nutrients not a hig-low, yo-yo anything diet. All that does is shock the body and cause it to attempt compensation, mass is altered, and excess unusable parts are eliminated resulting in temporary weight loss.

This is why high/low diet fads work for only a short time to lose weight and can often damage your health.

In addition to a wide variation in foods, people need the micronutrients in the foods to properly utilize the marcronutrients, no matter what the macronutrient ratio is in.

Without healthy soil cultures to methylate micronutrients, you only have junk foods making junk science in financially corrupted research to cherry pick from.

Both "sides" need to get a grip and realize you are missing the sciences that preceed your macronutrient debate. I suggest you discover a measurement called maximum wavelenth absorbtion characteristc (MWAC) and learn that no two individuas will process the same food the same way.

People are not standardized and are not going to be, no matter how you hard you try. It goes against the law of physics. The same goes for what they "should" eat.

You guys are fighting over the trees and missing the forest. One side has studied elm trees and the others oak trees. Each side tries to apply that collection of data to all trees and how they should be viewed by any onlooker, condeming anyone else as wrong.

That is called dogma.

The religion of "science" calls dogma "consensus."

Might does not make right.

Perhaps you could drop your egos and go back to impartial inquiry of what works and leave the condemnation behind?

Unfortunately most "science" is pseudoscience in that it is only limited views making conclusions about collected data. This applies to both sides of the fence, no matter the number of studies. Partial truth is in each camp and finding the common ground will speed true research (meaning to search again).

How many of your studies take into consideration seasons, altitude, barometric pressure, external temperature, sunlight exposure, pH balance, blood type interactions, soil conditions, water and air quanity and quality, activity levels, sex, age, stressors of unique lifestyles, etc. These are only a few major considerations that are often ignored.

I could list at least twenty more making almost any study's conclusions scientifically bogus no matter what the conclusions.

Go back and search again before making policy to regulate people or for them to regulate themselves.

We all have a long way to go and need to lighten up about it.

Dr. Groves

A. van Staveren - May 6, 2010 1:20 PM

I don't understand the 'lowcarb lies' part. Surely you must be aware of the vast amount of scientific studies that do indeed prove that the low carb life style is healthy. And not just for weightloss. I am health conscious and I do eat low carb. I can tell you I have never felt better in my life. And I am a fan of Barry Groves. And of Dr M. Eades, Gary Taubes, Art DeVany, Mary Enig, and all the others that try to educate people on healthy living.

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